Sobriety Is a Way of Life

Sobriety Is a Way of Life | Transcend Recovery Community

Addiction is a way of life. All of your choices and behaviors are centered on drug use or drinking. Even your world view is rooted in substance use – “If I use, I’ll feel better.” But once recovery begins, you consciously make a choice to put your attention on sobriety. You decide that sobriety is your primary focus.

Yet, even when you’ve done that, it might still be hard for you to maintain sobriety as a focus – until you make it a lifestyle. Once sobriety is just as rooted in your life as addiction once was, you’re more likely to stay sober longer.

Here are ways to make sobriety a way of life:

See sobriety as a journey. Recovery is not a one-time destination, but a life-long opportunity to continue to become a better human being. It’s a way of life that includes learning to take care of yourself, developing healthy relationships, and reaching your goals. For instance, to better your life, you might search for a new job, go back to school, or rebuild relationships with family and friends. Transcend Recovery Community invites you to set meaningful goals towards your aspirations in life. Transcend also believes in laughter and wants all residents to enjoy new lives free from their old struggles. Transcend supports you along this journey.

Make sobriety your number one priority, even before family and friends. If you put sobriety first in your life, there’s a good chance you’ll keep everything together. If you lose your sobriety, you might destroy everything you’ve worked hard for in recovery. You might think of sobriety as a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Putting self-love and self-care before anything else can help you make sobriety a lifestyle. To help you with this, Transcend provides accountability and makes it easy for residents to track their progress and review their achievements in recovery. Transcend also provides experiences for residents that help promote self-care.

Helping others in recovery is a great way to strengthen your own sobriety. A powerful way to weave sobriety into the fabric of your life is to help others with their recovery. Give back to your community, church, or local charity. Transcend works alongside many nonprofit organizations to help our residents experience the fulfillment of giving back. Plus, supporting others in their recovery helps make sobriety a purposeful and meaningful experience.

Become closely involved in a community. Having a community of other sober-minded people around you is a sure way to create a sober lifestyle. Transcend provides every opportunity for clients to feel like they are part of a family. Transcend knows that recovery depends upon the support we show for each other. For this reason, we host many activities to help deepen the relationships and friendships within the Transcend community.

If you want to make sobriety a lifestyle, it’s not just becoming abstinent and removing substances from your life. Sobriety as a way of life means changing many facets of your life, including your choices, behavior, perspective, and the relationship you have with yourself. Although this can be challenging in the beginning, Transcend provides you with housing, a community, healthy tools to stay sober, and a vision for a new life.


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