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What is a Mental Health Companion?

Your mental health companion (MHC) is someone who will believe in your ambitions, support your plans for change and hold you personally accountable for your progress. Your MHC is the greatest advocate in your quest to reach a balanced state of mind.

Transcend Recovery Community identified this rising need for mental health companions to ensure that recovering individuals get the best support they need and deserve. With professional and highly-trained mental health companions joining its team, encouragement, positive motivation, and accountability are instilled in those recovering individuals during their crucial transitioning period post-rehabilitation treatment.

Most often than not, people who seek therapy do so because they're experiencing mental distress and could benefit from active support, guidance, or treatment for their emotional and behavioral problems. In the US alone, four in 10 American adults have been to counseling or therapy at some point in their lives. Mental health companions work to increase the availability of this kind of support to people in the community, especially those experiencing social isolation.

These mental wellness advocates are driven by a desire to assist others and make a difference. They'll build a strong bond with your loved ones, giving them the confidence to make a good change. As you work with them, you would expect regular days where your mental health companion would follow you to work, go to different places for errands, lend transportation support when necessary, and teach essential independent living skills.

As you transition to a life of sobriety or long-term mental wellness, these companions devote their time to being by your side in every situation and moment where you would need that extra support and care from someone. They will be your anchor and your rock, especially when you are at your lowest moment, and you would need a reassuring pat on the shoulder or motivational talk to get you through your worries. Your mental health companion is also your number one champion who would cheer for you when reaching milestones and achievements on your progress.

What are the Benefits of Mental Health Companioning?

Working with a mental health companion has proven to be highly beneficial in the continued recovery of an individual suffering from a mental health issue, such as substance abuse. They provide a more profound sense of support to an individual that transcends medicine and therapy.

As humans are highly emotional beings, connecting to someone to an emotional level is crucial for them to take that first important step towards leading a life of long-term sobriety or mental stability. Having someone by your side also gives an individual a physical sense of reassurance—a comforting idea giving them the strength to continue their progress towards recovery.

To further illustrate this, here are some notable benefits that most individuals receive when working with a mental health companion:

  1. Monitoring an individual to ensure their overall safety and wellness

Working with a mental health companion helps a recovering individual stay on top of their general well-being, such as checking whether they are eating right, sleeping well, and treating their body right.

  1. Motivating and encouraging a recovering individual to set and achieve goals

Part of a successful long-term sobriety plan is to set achievable goals to help recovering individuals keep track of their progress and gain maturity and growth from their healing.  

  1. Assisting an individual with their daily living and helping them transition carefully to their community or workplace.

Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal is to have an individual successfully integrate themselves back to the society, which would involve reintroducing them to the community or their work. As the first few weeks may deem challenging for an individual, having someone by their side as they carefully transition back to their old life is vital in helping them become more confident of their surroundings.

  1. Working closely with a recovering individual's treatment partners to guarantee that overall wellness goals are realized.

A lot of work needs to be done post-rehabilitation to ensure that an individual is consistent with their recovery regimen. Part of it involves proper adherence to a treatment program given to them. A mental health companion's job is to see that they strictly follow their given treatment plan.

Are there mental health companions near me?

Transcend Recovery Community has made sure that adequate mental health support is accessible to everyone. That is why you can find mental health companions in more extensive parts of the country, such as Houston, Los Angeles, and New York. With this in mind, recovering individuals can connect with their preferred mental health companion in helping them in their journey to sobriety.

Los Angeles

Come join us at one of our beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes. There is a vibrant recovery community at Transcend waiting to support you.
11150 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 760-A, Los Angeles CA 90064

New York

There is a vibrant New York sober living community at Transcend waiting to support you on your road to recovery.
343 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023, United States


Imagine making new friends and living with purpose in the exciting, beautiful, and peaceful Houston Heights neighborhood in Texas.
945 Harvard St, Houston, TX 77008, United States

You may reach out to Transcend to learn more on how they can provide you the right sober escort to be with you. You may also call recovery specialists at 800-208-1211 right away so that you can begin your transformation and live a more relaxed and meaningful life.

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