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For many, the stage of adolescence is one of the most challenging periods in one's life. The ongoing physical, mental, and emotional transformation takes a toll on a young person's pursuit of growth and maturity. Outside factors may impede one's development during this critical phase, as they constantly face pressure not only from their peers and family but from society at large.

Exposure to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, poverty, and violence leaves young adults prone to mental health problems. According to the World Health Organization, half of the mental health disorders found around the world manifest as early as 14 years of age. To address mental health issues seen in adolescents, recovery service specialists, such as Transcend Recovery Community help the youth achieve optimal mental wellness during this challenging phase.

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What Is Young Adult Treatment?

Adolescence is indeed an important stage in one’s life. During these formative years, people develop and sustain social and emotional practices and traits essential as they mature in promoting sound mental well-being.

However, young people encounter many difficulties transitioning from childhood to adulthood due to physical and hormonal changes that trigger emotional responses. On top of these transformations, they face tremendous pressure from their peers and society on how they must conduct themselves. As a result, pressure triggers stress, affecting adolescents longer-term, where they can potentially succumb to various mental health problems.

Adolescents suffering from mental health conditions are particularly vulnerable to learning difficulties, risky practices, poor overall physical health, and social stigma.

Mental health treatment in young adults remedies these problems and severs any potential complications that may arise if they continue to persist. Therapies specializing in the youth provide a deeper understanding of the appropriate action plan needed to address mental health issues.

Young people may gain significantly from receiving youth-oriented recovery treatment to help them function and mature better during this crucial period of their lives. It may involve group behavioral therapies or adolescent mentoring, depending on the nature of their situation.

Does Transcend Offer Treatment For Young Adults?

While Transcend generally provides counseling, guidance, and supplemental recovery for patients, it works closely with its sister company, The Heights Treatment, a treatment center specializing in many rehabilitation programs. You can expect to receive effective behavioral therapy treatments to better the troubled youth's mental health conditions. It incorporates various methods such as addiction and anxiety treatment. Additionally, The Heights Treatment recommends adolescent monitoring and relapse prevention to truly ensure that the young patient adheres to his treatment program at all times.

Behavioral therapies also help in a young adult's continuous mental rehabilitation. Cognitive restructuring or "thought" challenging employs a three-step process that transforms a typically destructive or toxic thinking pattern into a more insightful approach.

It includes:

  • First, identifying negative ideas and chronicling them in a journal;
  • next, Discussing and confronting those anxiety-inducing thinking cycles; and
  • lastly, creating balanced and rational thoughts from the insights incurred in the former phase.

Transcend and The Heights Treatment work together in helping young patients overcome their mental challenges by desensitizing them from those triggers to lessen agitation and anxiety. They are trained to commonly associate feared objects or events with a more logical thinking system during the therapy session.

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What Are Young Adult Treatments For Substance Abuse And
Mental Health?

The techniques and methodologies that are deemed necessary for a young adult's recovery to be highly successful include the following components:

  • A comprehensive review of a patient's physical and mental health and their medical background to establish a customized treatment plan.
  • Thorough detoxification at a treatment center with close direction and supervision from licensed mental health specialists.
  • Individual and group counseling, which includes recovery-based support groups.
  • A behavioral treatment approach incorporating evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), and 12-step principles for recovery.
  • Dedicated counseling on process addiction such as excessive video gaming and other mental health issues such as eating disorders and anxiety.
  • Therapeutic and recreational activities such as art therapy.

Relapse prevention and adolescent monitoring programs post-therapy.

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What Are The Benefits Of Treatments Specifically To Young Adults?

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Young adults seeking mental health treatment in accredited recovery facilities may reap numerous benefits to help them cope better with their situation and live a normal life like before. Mental health programs may help troubled youths in the following ways:

A chance for a better future

Getting professional mental healthcare and wellness helps shape a young person's chances of a purposeful life. If left untreated, drug abuse and alcoholism may derail them and potentially cause their early demise.

Creating a solid foundation of support

Young patients working with a team of capable health providers and a community of individuals who share their stories and experiences promote confidence, trust, and empathy towards others. This sense of unity helps in motivating them for continuous improvement.

Preventing future physical and psychological harm

Identifying the problem early on and remedying it before it worsens will always be the best solution. After all, prevention is better than cure.

How Does Transcend Assist Young Adults With Treatment?

Part of Transcend's comprehensive recovery programs focuses primarily on the youth's mental health. It understands young people's unique needs to effectively recover and have a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation.

Transcend's young adult recovery and mental wellness program offers teenage support in aspects of their lives where they struggle and need help the most. It may involve finding study life balance, promoting extracurricular activities, or just simply assisting them in navigating the social dynamics of being a teenager.

Transcend has designed its youth-oriented programs to teach young adults how to effectively cope with changes in their lives in the most productive and healthy approach.

Teens suffering from substance abuse such as illicit drugs and alcohol may have a more challenging time coming to terms with their behavioral problems. They may need alcohol recovery and addiction recovery programs that are more attuned to handling these complex issues among teens.

Transcend's adolescent psychologists and youth counselors armed with extensive training and years of experience in the recovery field can empower youth with sufficient training and educational workshops. It also believes in community involvement as part of its therapeutic approach by incorporating group activities and therapy to develop essential social skills needed for their continuous growth.

Are There Young Adult Treatments Near Me?

Young adults may find adequate help and support from numerous treatment centers around the country. While not exclusively a treatment center, Transcend provides supplemental support by incorporating spiritual recovery and group therapy as it sees fit to help young adults in their continuous recovery. It partners with its sister company and affiliate inpatient rehabilitation treatment center, The Heights Treatment, in addressing different psychological issues arising from young adult problems.

You may learn more by visiting its many locations found in major cities in the United States. Its branches in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York allow for better mental recovery and counseling for teenagers.

Discussing mental health issues, especially for young people, may prove difficult for them as they feel embarrassed sharing these personal details about themselves, including the stigma surrounding getting mental health treatment, which may result in discrimination from their peers.

Transcend Recovery Community understands these specific concerns, which is why its customized approach to teen therapy and counseling guarantees that young patients are given a haven where they can express their true selves without fear of judgment and isolation. Open communication and mutual respect are the key priorities that make Transcend’s youth-oriented programs successful.

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