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What is a mental health mentor?

As we counter that feeling of being overwhelmed and burdened by the chaos of everyday life, where do we get strength and guidance? That's where a mental health mentor comes into play. As we navigate through our world and deal with these issues, it helps when you have someone who can clarify our vision.

At its very core, mentoring is intended to help another person. A mentor gives us advice, support, and guidance to where we need and want to be. Transcend Recovery Community understands this and has developed a mental health mentoring program optimized for helping people struggling with their mental health issues cope better. Through a collaborative effort with mental health specialists, we can identify critical areas that will help an individual better understand themselves and their mental health issues with much clarity.

Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of what we want or our purpose, but having a person to steer us to the path we need is highly beneficial for people—especially if you get easily lost and hampered by challenges, whether big or small.

Facing struggles is an inevitable part of life. Through these struggles, we learn to grow and become wiser in every situation that we encounter. However, there are times when these struggles become too much for us and tend to become a considerable burden for some, if not all, people.

When things start to become too taxing for us as we attempt to juggle every aspect of our life, we experience stress which snowballs to more significant problems such as anxiety and depression. That's why before things get worse, it's best to have a mental health mentor to guide you every step of the way to keep your mental wellness always in check and to avoid relapse prevention for people in post-rehab.

What are the Benefits of mental health mentoring?

Many people have found the need to work with a mental health mentor to improve their mental wellbeing. Some celebrities attribute their success to their mentors, whether it has something to do with building their confidence and personality or dealing with crucial aspects in their lives that need significant improvement. To further highlight this, 56% of respondents have admitted to having a mentor according to recent studies done in the US. Universities and organizations globally have even resorted to the services of a mental health mentor to ensure that the morale and psyche of individuals are in good shape.

So how does a mental health mentor impact an individual to become better mentally and emotionally? Here are some of the known benefits.

Showing support, especially during isolation

If ever you feel alone or disconnected from the world, your mentor is there to give you a reassuring pat on the back and tell you that everything will be alright. You don’t need to feel alone and suffer through your mental health woes by yourself. Your mental health mentor will make you feel valued and shall give you proper guidance.

Diminishing the effects of anxiety

Anxiety vastly impacts one’s self and may hinder you from functioning to the best of your capabilities. Working with a mental health mentor addresses these issues. It would even help you manage your anxiety through carefully planned exercises and techniques to lessen your anxiety triggers.

Boosting self-confidence

When someone has a healthy outlook and regard for themselves, motivation comes easier. An increase in confidence positively impacts one’s mental wellbeing. Mental health mentors work with individual’s hindrances and issues that negatively affect the way they perceive themselves, allowing them to learn to love and appreciate themselves more.

Having someone to listen to you

What mental health mentoring provides is a safe space where any individual can share their innermost thoughts and fears without bias or judgment. Having someone to help them affirm their strengths and validate their feelings allows them to process certain things within themselves. In turn, it liberates them from the trauma or misconceptions they have because of these.

Promoting optimism to your future

People struggling with mental health issues may often feel detachment and dread. Alongside these ill feelings, there’s lowered morale and a sense of hopelessness about their situation. Mental health mentoring motivates these individuals and influences them by changing their mindset and recalibrating their thoughts into something more positive and productive.

Are there mental health mentors near me?

Seeking mental health support is often a luxury for most people, as mental health recovery and wellness services are inaccessible. Transcend Recovery Community saw this as an excellent opportunity to supply this need. With many mental health mentors across the country working closely with Transcend Recovery Community, you’re sure to receive ample support that you need as you work in improving yourself and your mental wellbeing.

Transcend has mentors all over Los Angeles, Houston, and New York, with plans to expand more to have a wider reach. Suppose you or your loved one think that mental health mentoring might be beneficial to your situation. In that case, Transcend is ready at your service.

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