Why Sober Living Can Be the Best Choice

Why Sober Living Can Be the Best Choice | Transcend Recovery Community

Sober living homes or halfway houses can be the best choice for many recovering addicts when they are still faced with the challenges of addiction. Typically, you might live at a sober living facility after living at a medical treatment program. Once residential, in-patient treatment is done, the best place to facilitate your sobriety is a halfway house.

Essentially, you live with other recovering addicts in a supportive drug-free environment. Sober living facilities are useful if you have nowhere to go or you’re worried that returning home too soon will lead to relapse. Sober living homes are an extension of care for those recovering from addiction and who have already participated in and lived at a traditional medical facility. At halfway houses, although patients live there, as they would in a traditional rehab center, they have significantly more freedom to be able to attend work, school, or family events. Some halfway houses provide services or access to services like group therapy, individual therapy, drug counseling, AA meetings, or mental health treatment.

Perhaps this is one of the critical healing aspects of a sober living home – both its community of other addicts in recovery and its loose structure. In a medical facility, such as a residential treatment center, you may not have such freedom to talk to others about their experience with drinking and recovery. And besides, most people there are too new into their process to have much to say about it yet.

However, at a sober living home, you might be sitting in the living room watching TV when someone sits next to you. Of course, you might start talking about what the two of you have in common: recovery and addiction. You might begin to connect on similar feelings, similar challenges, and similar past experiences. But even better, imagine what it would be like if suddenly you heard him or her say precisely what has been hard for you to admit. Imagine what it would be like to hear from someone else express the exact feelings your feeling yourself. Imagine what a relief that would be.

The greatest part about a sober living home is the community. In a community of others who are struggling with the same life challenge, you can find friendship, support, and safety. In the community of a group, in the safety of a sober home, you might be able to make it through the challenges of staying sober.

Seeking the safety of a halfway house can be especially needed in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York. In larger cities, you might feel bombarded by the night life. You might feel pulled by the good times everyone seems to be having with a drink in their hand. There might be more messages sent your way, such as commercials or billboards, highlighting the highs of drinking and drugging. Throughout Los Angeles, for example, you’ll find sober living homes to find reprieve from this bombardment. Whether you’re in Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, or downtown Los Angeles, a sober living home may provide the best sober help to facilitate long-term sobriety.


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