Sober Life In Houston

Sober Life in Houston

Like any large city, Houston, Texas has its fair share of problems. Known for the Houston Space Center, air conditioning, arguably the world’s best Tex-Mex and among the greatest preservations and greenery within any urban American city, Houston also has a drug problem. From rising marijuana and synthetic cannabinoid usage to drug use in schools, and the surfacing of an extremely potent and lethal synthetic opioid, it’s fair to say that drugs are an issue here. Learning to live a sober life in Houston around temptations is tough but with a lot of sober fun to do, it is easier.

And yet, it does not crack the top 10 major cities where drug abuse is a statistical nightmare.

As dangerous as drugs are, we live in a world where data can be used to skew opinion and create fear. And the last thing you need when you’re struggling to stay sober is feel scared about the city you live in – a city where millions of Americans lead peaceful lives without drug use.

You can join them, and live your life staying sober, and healthy. And you might even be surprised to hear that Houston is one of the best cities in the country for exactly that purpose. Sober living in Houston can be beautiful if you know where to look, and what to do. A national model for green city living, Houston is a great place if you want to balance growing urban progress with nature’s best and finest. That wasn’t so not very long ago, when Houston was known for concrete and mud rather than a blooming future. And with the years, its vision is growing ever brighter.

But even if parks aren’t your thing, there are plenty other things to do in Houston

A Primer on a Sober Life in Houston

Sobriety involves not being high – achieving a sober life in Houston is not difficult for most people. However, maintaining it can be a nightmare at first. Staying sober is not easy, but it helps to understand what you’re in for. The first few weeks after a serious addiction can be harrowing, even painful, and emotionally difficult. Mood swings are common and there may be a lot of pain to work through, psychologically.

Often, an addiction piles onto you while it encourages you to use in order to hide the pain – but the problems don’t go away, and the pain stores up until the moment you decide to stop using, when it all comes down on you.

But after that initial hurdle, things begin to rapidly look up. The cravings slowly disperse, and you can focus on building a better sober life in Houston. Being sober does not guarantee that things will be better – but it gives you the chance to make them better.

A city like Houston can help you stay sober by offering plenty of things to do. The number one enemy of early sobriety is boredom – if you are not preoccupied with something, then the addiction is likely to sneak back into the forefront of your mind, and back into your life.

It’s important to find something you can enjoy and dig into it as passionately as possible. As such, the first thing on your list should be finding something interesting to try out.

Next, you need people. Good people. Loneliness can aggravate an addiction – being alone for too long is not healthy, especially if you’re confronting questions about addiction that only people with similar experiences could answer. By attending group meetings, finding other sober people, and spending time with folks who have gone through many of the same experiences as you, you may find new perspectives, point of views, and helpful insights for living a sober life in Houston and overcoming this chapter of your life.

Finally, no matter where you live, having people and places to turn to when you really need help is important. There will be days when you feel like you just are not all there – and sometimes, you may even feel yourself coming dangerously close to using. If these thoughts enter your head and can’t be controlled, it’s good to have a panic button. Someone to call, go to, or a place to stay if you need help.

Finding Something to Do

It wouldn’t be a great city if it didn’t have a lot to do, and there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do in Houston. If you’re looking for something new, try:

  • A completely new craft or hobby. Pick a class or workshop and just dig in. From basket weaving to oil painting and welding, there’s plenty to try out.
  • A trip through history. Houston has no shortage of museums, built as memorials or for children to experience nature in an even more informative and educational way.
  • A journey through cuisines. As a metropolis, Houston has a little bit of everything from around the world’s kitchens. Take in Houston fine dining or enjoy the authentic Texan street food.
  • Something entirely different. From motocross meetups to escape games and popup food stalls, there’s always something going on in Houston.

There’s more, of course. Houston has several zoos, sanctuaries, adventure parks and national parks. Taking in nature is not only a serene way to spend an afternoon, but it can uplift your spirits and heal your mind. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, there are several avant-garde art installations in Houston, plus the famous Mecca of Graffiti at the Mullet. Having fun artistic things like this to go to make living a sober life in Houston easier.

Getting Help

Residential treatment centers, group meetings and sober living houses are just a few ideas of the kinds of places where you can get help quickly and stay for a while. These are often drug-free safe environments where sobriety is valued and protected.

Finding individuals who have been on this kind of a journey and can help you get to a better place can also be beneficial. From sponsors to paid and professional sober companions, there are many people out there capable of helping others get sober, stay sober, and find the kind of life balance they need to cut addiction out of their lives entirely.

Finally, friends and family play a big role to a stable sober life, regardless of where you live. Houston may be a big city with plenty to do in it, but if it doesn’t feel like home, it’ll be hard to feel comfortable here. Having friends around you can make you feel more like you belong, and they can help you find your place in the crowd.

At the end of the day, your journey to a better sober life in Houston will depend on countless factors – but as long as you push through and don’t give up, regardless of how many obstacles you may face, you will make it to a better and sober life.