Facts about Santa Monica Sober Living Facilities

Facts about Santa Monica Sober Living Facilities | Transcend Recovery Community

Sometimes it’s necessary to pack your bags and move to another city or state in order to best support your sober living journey. If you’re just out of rehabilitative treatment, for instance, you might be looking for a sober living home. And you might be looking for one that is not only not in your neighborhood, but far from the circles you used to keep.

One city to consider for a stay at a sober living home or halfway house is Santa Monica. It’s a beachfront city in Los Angeles county that offers pleasant weather nearly all year round. It’s also a famed city becomes of its proximity to other parts of Los Angeles that house executives, stars, celebrities and politicians.

The 2010 census population for Santa Monica indicates that approximately 90,000 people live in the city including a mix of affluent single-family neighborhoods, renters, surfers, professionals, and students. It sits on the Santa Monica Bay and is bordered by three large and famous sections of Los Angeles: Malibu, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Venice. The city blossomed in the late 1980s because of its reconstruction of its downtown center, which prompted significant job growth and increased tourism.

If you do consider a Santa Monica sober living facility, you might want to know more about the city: It is approximately 8.3 square miles. It’s population density is at 11,000 per square mile, and the average age for residents is 40.4 years of age. There are about 78,220 people of its total residents employed and there are 9,204 businesses in Santa Monica. About 64% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and the average household income is $71,400.

Lastly, you might want to know about the city’s ethnic demographics. For instance, 70% of the population is white; 13% are Hispanic, 9% is Asian, 4% is African American, and 4% were of multiple races. Of the 50,912 households in the city, 72% rent their homes and 28% are home owners.

If you’re interested about addiction, recovery, and Santa Monica sober living facilities, the County of Los Angeles’ Public Health Division provides information that drinking and drug use facts for men and women who live in Los Angeles County. For women, broken down by ethnicity, their 2010 statistics show that 6.5% of Asian women binge drink, meaning they have had four or more drinks on at least one occasion within the past 30 days. And the same is true for 8.6% of black women, 9.2% of Latina women, and 11.3% of white women. The percentage for all groups of Los Angeles county women who binge drink is 9.4.

Although these are relatively low numbers, anyone looking for a Santa Monica sober living facility, might find that it is the best location to achieve long-term sobriety. For men and women alike, the halfway houses and sober living programs are safe and in many ways private.

Many people need to get away in order to recover from an addiction. They need to remove themselves from certain relationships and environments. It’s essential that they find a safe place on the opposite side of the country, for example, in order to make a fresh start.

If you’re living on the West Coast, you’ll find plenty of sober living homes, halfway houses, and treatment centers, and that could work well. But if you’re really going to get sober, if you’re really going to break the cycle that’s been keeping you imprisoned, you’ve got to do something different.

If you choose to get sober at a medical treatment center and then later extend your support at a sober living home, you might decide to reside at a halfway house in Santa Monica, California.


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