Reasons to Stay Sober Even After You’ve Quit

Sometimes a person in recovery loses the whole point of their sobriety. They might lose connection with the reason behind getting sober in the first place and feel drawn to drinking or drug use again. However, fortunately, there are moments of clarity and those initial incentives to quit come returning to one’s mind. But still, those moments of clarity do not always last and a person might need to find new reasons to continue their process of recovery and stay sober.

In a wonderful article posted by The Fix, a popular online magazine about addiction and recovery, a college student describes why she quit and why she won’t return to drinking even if her cravings tell her to do so. Even though her life is full of challenges and the cravings are sometimes loud, she describes what’s motivating her sobriety now.

For instance, one of her more notable motivations– positioned number one in her list likely for a reason – is that she recognizes that she is probably an inspiration to others. In fact, when a person makes this realization, this alone could be what keeps someone sober. Knowing that you are a model to others, knowing that you might be looked up to by friends, co-workers, or acquaintances, can keep a person making the sober choice. A person never knows how their story has affected those who have heard it.

Second, she goes on to say that having a hangover seems to make everything worse. During recovery, especially if you haven’t yet learned new and healthy coping tools, life can feel incredibly challenging when it’s stressful. When a person is still experiencing the cycle of addiction, it’s common for him or her to turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope. For this reason, part of addiction treatment is learning new coping tools as well as relaxation techniques in order to meet the demands of life without getting overwhelmed. However, if someone in recovery were to decide to drink on a night when they felt like everything in life feels hard, there’s a very good chance that the hangover the next morning is only going to make life feel 10 times worse.

Another poignant statement the author makes in this article is this: If a person has had the strength to get themselves into treatment and get sober, then he or she probably has the strength to make it through whatever challenge they are experiencing now. Turning to drugs and alcohol might even seem like the weaker choice. Although it doesn’t seem like that to someone who is experiencing an addiction, but for someone who is in recovery, staying sober is the stronger and healthier choice. In fact, it’s the choice that a person can feel good about at the end of the day. Any other choice might only bring more emotional turbulence to an already stressful life. Staying sober is the choice you can live with peacefully. Staying is the choice one can feel proud of.


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