Outpatient Mental Health

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In treatment, mental health is frequently overlooked or misunderstood as to how important it truly is. Sadly, this often translates into a lack of consideration and appropriate focus on the area.  Fortunately, treatment such as outpatient mental health is an accessible option, providing individuals with suitable therapies to target their mental health. When a person has completed inpatient treatment, outpatient mental health services are a popular next step in continuing to manage one’s mental health issues, and Transcend Recovery Community is a preferred program.

What Is Outpatient Mental Health Care?

Mental health is a blanket term that speaks to a state of emotional and psychological well-being. Mental health issues are common and are typically caused by biological factors or social experiences in life. When mental health problems begin to affect one’s daily functioning, efficient treatment becomes a necessity.

Outpatient mental health care is a discipline that offers continuous treatment to clients without placing them in a structured and restricted environment. People in outpatient mental health programs attend treatment at a designated facility during the day and return to their independent residences after the session concludes. Outpatient mental health care typically provides clients with a greater sense of agency and independence when compared to inpatient treatment programs.

Does Transcend Provide Outpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Transcend and its sister company, The Heights Treatment, offer a number of mental health treatment options. We utilize several therapeutic modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These methods are highly successful in addressing many mental health issues that our clients may have. Additionally, we offer outpatient psychiatric care to assist with medication management when needed. Further areas of focus in treatment include spirituality, life-skills development, self-care, and community expansion.

It is important to note that even the best treatment plans can fail if the clients are not invested in their treatment. That being the case, we place a high emphasis on client-centered treatment planning to ensure those being treated feel involved and acknowledged in the process. This, along with support staff and a therapeutic environment, helps to keep our clients feeling confident. The ultimate goal upon completion of outpatient treatment is to leave clients feeling empowered to live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Should I Seek Inpatient or Outpatient Mental Health Care?

The determination of if a person is a better candidate for inpatient or outpatient treatment is best established through an in-person assessment. As appropriate mental health care varies from person to person, it is essential that clients be evaluated on an individual basis to determine their specific needs.

The need for inpatient vs. outpatient mental health care depends on the severity of mental illness the individual is experiencing. Generally, if a person requires a higher level of care and consistent monitoring, inpatient care is a suitable choice. Alternatively, if a person’s symptoms are more moderate in nature and they are capable of functioning outside of a treatment setting, outpatient care may be a fitting option. Transcend’s goal is to establish the level of care necessary for the client, and to provide the determined appropriate treatment.

What is the Typical Duration of Mental Health Care?

Mental health care does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. Mental health issues vary greatly between people, even among those with the same diagnosis. 

Treatment for mental illness is individualized to the specific person seeking care, meaning there is no set length of treatment. Some people may require more in-depth attention to their illness before returning to a healthy level of functioning, indicating a longer duration of treatment. Others may require treatment for a shorter length of time, especially if they progress quickly toward their treatment goals. 

All things considered, treatment can mean vastly different things to different people. We advise calling Transcend to discuss your needs and form a tailored treatment plan.

Is There Outpatient Mental Health Care Near Me?

Transcend, along with The Heights Treatment, offers accessible mental health care in both Houston and Los Angeles. Mental health is immensely important to us, and our doors are always open to those seeking care. We stand ready to provide our wide range of services to people in need of assistance, regardless of the issues or conditions they present with. If you are currently struggling with mental health issues, we implore you to call Transcend to begin your road to recovery.

Call the recovery specialists at Transcend today at 800-208-1211 or use our contact us form to see how joining the Transcend community can change your life.