Medication Management

two clients receiving medication management therapy

Recovery can take numerous forms. For many people, it involves taking medications to get things back on track. Unfortunately, numerous factors can make the process of using medicine less straightforward than it should be. This issue is the reason that medication management services and medication therapy management can be necessary.

Transcend offers an excellent medication management service, which supports our client’s needs to improve the chances of recovery.

What Is Medication Management?

The purpose of medication is to ensure that an acceptable quality of life is maintained. Achieving this requires taking any administered medicine in the required quantities and at the right time. Medication management is a service that certifies the process remains consistent.

Statistically, many people either take their medications incorrectly or not on time. Those who are given prescriptions that require refills may not even fill them the first time. When this happens, the medicine often doesn’t have a chance to achieve an optimal outcome. In some cases, people experience adverse reactions to irregular medicinal patterns.

Medication management aims to eliminate these health crises by improving the levels of accountability and consistency in this context. Note that this is rarely a case of intentional negligence. People forget for numerous reasons, even when the conditions that are being treated pose severe risks to their health.

Regardless of this tendency, these people do deserve to be healthy like others. Support is all that is necessary to achieve this, and Transcend is firmly in the corner of empowering its clients.

Does Transcend Provide Medication Therapy Management?

Transcend offers a reliable medication management program. This concept is not to be confused with medication administration. We do not engage in administering the medicine, but we are willing to take part in other tasks to support our clients’ in this way.

This service involves actions such as locking meds away, accounting for medication use through auditing, observing clients as they take their meds, etc. These tasks may seem very simple to some, but they provide structure to those struggling with adhering to the prescribed schedule.

As this is a service that is heavily used by seniors, some people are inclined to believe that it is not something for the younger demographic to consider. We want to dispel that stigma, as age is not synonymous with a need for help. There are people of all ages who are not consistent with medication use, and the reasons for this vary. We do not discriminate, as we believe in the concepts of community, responsibility, and aid.

The work that we do has numerous benefits, including a reduction in long-term spending on healthcare, a sense of relaxation for loved ones, and better outcomes at the end of a course of medication-assisted treatment.

Methods Used in Medication Management Therapy

Transcend employs effective strategizing in all our programs, and medication management therapy is no exception. The following are some methods used to ensure that the intended objectives are achieved:

  • Motivational strategies – Periodically, people need compelling motivation to repeat a course of action. While some of our plans involve more substantial forms of intervention, this is one that aims to help clients make a fundamental mental adjustment. The idea is to help the client to understand how important they are and to clarify why creating a detrimental medical situation is a problem.
  • Follow-up – This method involves medicinal accounting. A helpful aspect of medication is that the quantity doesn’t lie. Think about pills, for example. If there is a packet that contains 10 capsules, and it continues to hold 10, then delinquency is present. The idea here is to evaluate a client’s behavior objectively and to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Engagement – This step feeds into the motivational strategies that we use to help our clients see their medication in a more positive light. This step involves effective communication and addressing concerns that clients may have about the process and its importance.

These are three of several different medication management techniques that the Transcend team employs to create the administrative consistency that promotes adequate health. We take great pride in this responsibility, and we intend to continue to foster a better quality of life for our clients.

Who Should Seek Medication Management?

As indicated before, there are various reasons that people could struggle with medication compliance. These persons are the ones that we encourage to make use of our. Persons who fall into this category include:

  • People who tend to stop taking their prescribed medication once they start feeling better – Medicine is an entire course of treatment that needs to be taken for the set duration. If a doctor has prescribed 24 pills over two weeks, it is because 24 pills are required. If you stop taking medicine because you start feeling better after one week, you compromise your treatment.
  • Those who struggle with sticking to the schedule – Whether you are very busy, or you happen to forget about taking your medication, it still affects the potential for your health to return to a place of normalcy. If the designated administration times keep passing you by intentionally or otherwise, medication management is a good idea.
  • People who are uncontrollable with pain medication – Pain medication can be very addictive and many who are prescribed have difficulties managing their pain medication. Pain medication therapy can assist in controlling this urge as medication may be locked up.
  • If you have thoughts of overdosing – This act borders on self-harm, which is counterproductive to the practice of medicine. If you feel inclined to do so, we implore you to seek aid. This recommendation applies whether it comes from a place of intention to cause bodily harm or an addiction to the medication.

What Are the Effects of Non-Adherence to Medication Management Therapies?

Even if you get assistance where medication management is concerned, you still need to respect and follow the guidelines for it to work. Transcend does not administer medications for clients. Our purpose is to keep you on track and to put the necessary elements in place to keep you accountable.

Even when factors that could prevent you from taking medicine are removed from the equation, the final decision is still yours. If you decide to be delinquent, here are some potential effects:

  • Higher spending in the long-term to correct the damage done by not allowing for effective treatment to take its course
  • Compromised quality of life because the medicine did not get to achieve its intended effect
  • Possible death in the case where the medicine is geared towards treating life-threatening illnesses or complications
  • Creation of mental troubles and worry for family members and other close persons concerned about your wellbeing
  • Illness escalations for ailments that have subsequent and more severe phases when they aren’t treated

We don’t want our clients to deal with any of these effects, and so we implore them to help us help them by taking the medicines when we indicate it’s time.

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