Four Benefits Of Being Sober

Being sober is the gateway that frees you to live a better life without drugs or alcohol. When you become sober, you are no longer stuck in the harmful cycle of addiction. The past is in the past, and now you can embrace the present with each new day.

Sobriety is not about increasing your willpower. Studies have shown that willpower begins to run low fairly quickly in most people. So instead of willing yourself to avoid the bad, when you focus on the good — specifically the benefits of your sobriety — you naturally move in a positive direction. As you get sober, here are four specific benefits to consider.

  1. You will feel better and live longer – As you move forward in your sobriety, you will continue to feel and look better physically. Your attitude will improve, and you will feel mentally healthy too. When your body no longer depends on drugs or alcohol to feel normal, it’s amazing how different you begin to feel.
  2. You can try new things – Sobriety enables you to fully engage in your life — trying new things and pursuing activities you put aside when you were intoxicated. With a completely new perspective, you will be able to appreciate each moment and either revisit past hobbies or find new a new one. Suddenly, you will have much more time on your hands because you are not under the influence.
  3. You can help others – Your sobriety can actually help and encourage others who struggle with addiction. A study by Maria Pagano found that recovering alcoholics who help others reduce their alcohol use have increased consideration for others and attend more meetings.1 Just sharing your own recovery story can help save lives!
  4. You can enjoy being fully present – Instead of drifting through life in pursuit of the next high, sobriety enables you to be fully present with the people in your life. You have the time and freedom to invest in relationships you ignored while under the influence.

As you grow in sobriety, it is important to pay close attention to how you feel. Sober traits are grown in your brain when you install sober states. If you don’t register your positive states — taking the dozen seconds or so to help them sink in — they make little or no difference to your brain. Then there’s no learning, no improvement in neural structure or function and thus no lasting benefit.2

“Today, life is all around me. I am able to conquer my fears sober, and I am able to dream sober. I am able to do what needs to be done, and I feel proud that I no longer have to rely on a substance anymore. I look at sobriety like an adventure I’ve never taken before.”

– Daphne, Heroes in Recovery

If you struggle with addiction, you’re always at a turning point. Sobriety requires change – and this change in your life is absolutely worth it. At Transcend Recovery Community, we are here to help. Please contact us at the number above, and we would love to support you on your path to sobriety.

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