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When you are held accountable for something, it means there are others who are encouraging your accomplishment of that goal. There might be those who are even pushing you to do your best, reach your dreams, and stretch yourself. Accountability is necessary for anyone who wants to make a change in life. Without accountability, it's easy to tell yourself, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow" or "My life is fine," when you know it's not. Yet, when someone holds you accountable, you might push yourself a little harder. You might stretch yourself in ways you haven't in the past. Or you might feel like you have the support you need to make new and healthy choices.In fact, some recovering addicts might even say that without accountability, they might not have been able to recover from addiction. Truth is, in the early stages of recovery, accountability is absolutely necessary. Recovery might feel nearly impossible if you're still prone to the same thinking patterns, habits, and behaviors. Outside support is necessary in order to have the strength to make the right choices. Without being held accountable, a person in recovery might so easily return to their old habits. Yet, accountability strengthens one's inner strength, determination, and perseverance.If you're looking for accountability, you'll find it here at Transcend Recovery Community. In fact, our three pronged approach of accountability, clinical collaboration, and community is precisely what creates the environment for change. Our Verve Mar Vista House Program Director, Taylor Weil, believes this to be true and says: "Accountability is an essential part of recovery because it helps clients stay focused on the right things and channel their energy into more creative efforts. A spirit of accountability can also help clients uncover their fears and feel more comfortable allowing others to help with their goals and integrity.”That being said, here are some of the ways that we hold our clients accountable:

  • We have our clients set meaningful goals.
  • Through good decision-making and choices, our clients work hard to earn the happy and healthy sober life that they've accomplished and deserve.
  • Our clients set a daily schedule for which we hold them accountable.
  • We drug test our clients randomly twice per week, using drug tests that screen for over 50 substances.
  • We encourage a sense of community so that clients feel a sense of belonging and that everyone is working toward the same goal.
  • We provide extra levels of professional support to help a person feel confident and strong in making healthy choices.
  • We provide regular opportunities for holistic experiences, giving a client opportunities to heal on many levels, which in turn strengthens their ability to remain accountable.
  • We involve a client's family so that they feel supported by their loved ones, which can also strengthen their commitment to sobriety.

Accountability is a form of honesty, which directly opposes the denial of addiction. Denial can keep one's poor choices in hiding. But with accountability a person learns to be honest, transparent, and authentic. And this sets the stage for creating a new life, building healthy relationships, and strengthening one's self-esteem.Accountability keeps a person responsible. It can prevent someone in recovery from acting out, engaging in risky behavior, or making irresponsible choices. When you're being held accountable by a community, such as the one at Transcend, the group holds a higher vision for your life. The group believes in you, even when you don't believe in yourself. With accountability, you can reach for the life you want even if you don't yet have the inner resources to do so. Accountability can help you create the sober life you want.Our Verve Holmby House Program Director, Ellen Di Resta, said it best: “Accountability is defined by the obligation and willingness to accept responsibility. At Transcend, we encourage clients to take an active role in their recovery. In doing so, they are held accountable for the steps they take towards a peaceful and healthy life."If you or someone you know needs help managing the recovery process, contact us today to see how we can help: 800-208-1211

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