Are You Ready To Get Clean? Understanding The Different Approaches To Medical Detox

Medical Detox | Transcend recovery Community

You’ve already passed the first major hurdle. By admitting you have an addiction, it’s now possible to seek out a method that will help you get the substance out of your system and be ready for the next phase of the drug rehab program. What you may not know is there are several different approaches […]

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How Does Prescription Drug Addiction Develop?

prescription drug addiction | transcend Recovery Community

Prescription drugs are meant to provide solutions to particularly debilitating diseases. They’re meant to be remedies and medicines, cures used in the treatment of serious disease and illness. However, they all carry some serious side effects from prescription drug addiction. The reason prescription drugs require a written prescription and cannot be bought over-the-counter is because […]

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How To Avoid Replacement Addictions

Replacement Addiction | Transcend Recovery Community

There’s a common theme among addicts and ex-addicts that struggling with one addiction means you have the potential to struggle with them all. However, the concept of an addictive personality is not very fleshed-out – and neither is it entirely accurate in its image. Understanding how addiction works can help prevent you from relapsing with […]

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