How Does Addiction Take Hold?

How Does Addiction Take Hold

The process of addiction is complex and figuring out exactly where it begins requires understanding the circumstances under which is often develops. Just like any other illness, particularly one caused ostensibly by one’s lifestyle, the development of an addiction is often determined by factors both within a person’s control, and outside of their control. The […]

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Prescription Drugs Are Still an Issue

Prescription Drugs Are Still An Issue

Some prescription drugs have the potential to be as addictive as ‘hard street drugs’, like heroin or cocaine, as well as more common addictive substances that account for most drug-related deaths, like alcohol and tobacco. A drug is a drug is a drug, but addictive drugs stand in their own category due to the dangers […]

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Improving Self-Esteem in Sobriety

Improving Self Esteem In Sobriety

Self-esteem, by definition, is about how a person sees themselves. Someone with a healthy self-esteem would be aware of their strengths and their weaknesses. They would know where they excel and what they are capable of, while recognizing their own flaws. They would be confident in their ability to cope with situations they can cope […]

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Getting Back on Track After Relapse

Getting Back On Track After A Relapse

The numbers suggest that relapses aren’t rare occurrences, but a part of the recovery process. An estimated 40-60 percent of recovering addicts relapse within the first 12 months after their rehab has completed, slowly dwindling down the longer a person stays sober (only 15 percent seem to relapse after 5 years of sobriety, in comparison). […]

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Addiction Can Take Away Everything in Your Life

Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

Drug use and addiction have taken tens of thousands of lives per year, but it’s the families that truly experience everything an addiction can do to a person, beyond an abstract loss of life. The dangers of drug use end with death, but it begins almost harmlessly with little more than a first high. Regardless […]

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Drugs Are Becoming More Dangerous Than Ever Before

Drugs Are Becoming More Dangerous Than Before

Illicit drugs and substances are nothing new, but there is a rising danger present especially in prescription drugs, designer drugs, and heroin, that hasn’t been as prevalent or widespread in the past. As the opioid epidemic continues in the US and Canada, and tens of thousands continue to die, more and more evidence is showing […]

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