Rebuilding Your Social Life After Going Sober

Rebuilding Your Social Life After Going Sober | Transcend Recovery Community

Sobriety isn’t necessarily the norm in America, but neither is addiction. Most people drink alcohol at some point in their lives, and the statistics say that over two thirds of American adults drink at least once a year. Yet for most people with a drinking problem, the tendency to enjoy a little too much alcohol […]

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Safeguarding Your Summer

Safeguarding Your Summer | Transcend Recovery Community

As summer begins in Houston, the temperature begins to rise and we seek relief from sweltering heat. Whether it’s a dip in a pool, an ice cold beverage, or a nap in a dark, cold air conditioned room, we have options. But what about options to protect our sobriety in the summer months when we […]

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Living, Aligning With Others In Recovery

Living, Aligning With Others In Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

The tenets of sober living are simple: be honest in your dealings with others, be earnest in your will to recover, and be open to receiving all help. Sober living communities exist to help those with the goal of being sober stay sober, by creating a unique environment for those in recovery help each other […]

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Sobriety For The Long-Term

Sobriety For The Long-Term | Transcend Recovery Community

The initial milestone of finally achieving a measureable form of sobriety can be uplifting – it’s a declaration of freedom from the oppression of addiction, the first step in a massive and brave journey towards total emancipation from the effects of drugs and alcohol and the tyrannical grip they’ve exercised on life – but it’s […]

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Rise Of The Sober Rave, Daybreaker

Rise Of The Sober Rave, Daybreaker | Transcend Recovery Community

Daybreaker is a new morning dance party built entirely around sobriety, happiness and healthy living. It’s not about being holistic, or fit, or even just doing your body good – it’s about experiencing the pleasures of being human and moving in your own body without the use of drugs. That concept – an entirely sober […]

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