You Can’t Get Sober Unless You Choose to Do So

Enjoying sobriety

It is said across the globe that the first step in recovery towards getting sober and staying sober is accepting that you have a problem – and naming it. By standing up and declaring yourself addicted, you acknowledge that there is a long road ahead and you face it, ready to stride forward into uncertainty. […]

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Approaching An Addict About Their Addiction

Helping Friends & Family

Addiction is something roughly 21 million Americans struggle with. It is a disease that changes the way people think and feel, making it difficult to recovery alone. Addiction treatment is centered on bringing people away from drugs and drug use, and into an environment conducive towards physical and mental healing. However, despite the sheer size […]

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Staying Sober With Alcohol Around You

Avoiding alcohol At A Party

Maintaining sobriety is hard enough as it is, even with support and treatment. Despite all the advice, tips, and practice put into redefining your thoughts and shaping your perspective through therapy, you may still struggle with cravings. This is normal for the first few months of recovery – it can several weeks for some drugs […]

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What Makes Addiction So Difficult to Overcome Alone?

Overcoming Addiction Together

When we see someone tear themselves and their lives apart while being addicted, the biggest question that tends to pop up is: why? Yes, drugs make people feel good. But addiction undoubtedly wreaks havoc in a person’s life. An addiction can cause someone to lose their livelihood, ruin their most important relationships, and even lose […]

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Avoiding The Stigma of Addiction

Fighting The Stigma of Addiction

Stigma is negative belief or form of disgrace, often rooted in misinformation. Whereas it is okay to be critical of things, if something is stigmatized it is usually unfairly or wrongly criticized, although this is not always the case. Etymologically, the word comes from disfiguration, particularly by a pointed object, and is present in English […]

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Sober Life In Houston

Sober Life in Houston

Like any large city, Houston, Texas has its fair share of problems. Known for the Houston Space Center, air conditioning, arguably the world’s best Tex-Mex and among the greatest preservations and greenery within any urban American city, Houston also has a drug problem. From rising marijuana and synthetic cannabinoid usage to drug use in schools, […]

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What Makes a Good Sober Living for Men?

What makes a good sober living for men

Sober living for men has been around for several decades, dedicated to providing a safe and temptation-free environment for people struggling with addiction. To set themselves apart from many other addiction treatment facilities, sober living homes advertised a different model of drug-free living, one where the focus was on helping tenants learn how to live […]

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Sober Life In Los Angeles

Sober Life in LA

Los Angeles is a massive city with hundreds of neighborhoods, millions of people, and uncountable experiences. There’s so much to do and so much to see that it’s just impossible to see it all – shops, festivals, occasions and events come and go. But if you stick around, you will have a great sober life […]

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