Dangers Of Resentment In Recovery

Dangers Of Resentment In Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

Resentment and regret are exceptionally powerful emotions that can heavily obstruct your path towards recovery and long-term sobriety. Whether through jealousy or shame, regretting and hating something from your past or someone around you while you’re trying to fight an addiction will only hinder your progress. Sadly, they can also be rather common. One of […]

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Happiness Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Happiness Is A Journey, Not A Destination | Transcend Recovery Community

In The Declaration of Independence, it is stated that all human beings have unalienable rights – these include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But the pursuit of happiness doesn’t entail that it’s every human being’s purpose to be happy. It’s our purpose to seek happiness, and live life honestly to experience real joy. […]

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Sober Living Is Not Group Therapy

Sober Living Is Not Group Therapy | Transcend Recovery Community

Sober living homes or communities are places where people struggling with addiction recovery can be live alongside and among other people struggling with addiction recovery, and help each other out. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is – in a way, group therapy involves seeking support among other recovering addicts to confess about personal […]

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It’s Never Wrong To Ask For Help

It's Never Wrong To Ask For Help | Transcend Recovery Community

Addiction is a highly personal matter. When you become addicted to something, regardless of whether it’s a certain behavior or a drug, it’s quite normal to feel guilty about it. We attribute our mistakes entirely to ourselves, and we’re right to do so – to take responsibility for our shortcomings. Guilt is like pain and […]

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Cooking Builds Community

Cooking Builds Community | TRC Newsletter

At The Verve Mar Vista house, our program includes resident chef internships, community meal preparation, and family dinners on a regular basis. Using fresh ingredients harvested from our very own sustainable garden, our residents have an active role in the meal from start to finish. We’ve found that in addition to the sense of accomplishment […]

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Overcoming The Blame Game

Overcoming The Blame Game | Transcend Recovery Community

The blame game is the act of pushing blame in a tough situation. It doesn’t just have to do with an evasion of responsibility on the side of one party or another, but it’s also terrible waste of time in any problematic situation. A person’s priority when a complicated issue arises shouldn’t be to find […]

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Sober And The City

Sober And The City | Transcend Recovery Community

Los Angeles: a neighborhood name might bring to mind celebrities and parties where drugs and alcohol flow freely. While this might be the mental image you get, if you live in Los Angeles, there’s plenty you can do stay sober. When you are surrounded by people and places that make alcohol or drugs very easy […]

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Is Binge Drinking Alcoholism?

Is Binge Drinking Alcoholism? | Transcend Recovery Community

Research from the CDC states that more than a tenth of the country – close to a fifth of all adult Americans – binge drinks an average of four times a month. That’s basically once a week. This is coupled with some sobering statistics regarding alcohol use in America, and alcohol-related deaths – from alcohol […]

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