The Effects of Addiction on Those Around You

Addiction Affects Those Around You

In a sense, addiction can be considered a disease, and according to some experts, it’s best described as a chronic brain disease. What most people might consider a character flaw, or something fixed through simple willpower is more aptly characterized as a mental disorder requiring specialized treatment. This is important because it gets to the […]

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Building the Perfect Sober Living Environment

Perfect Sober Living Environment

Maintaining sobriety is an individual journey, and not necessarily something you can give a step-by-step instruction on. Every individual has to decide for themselves how best to deal with the challenges and struggles that lay ahead – but there are many different ways to mitigate the risk of relapse and help someone figure out their […]

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Alcoholism in Southern California

Alcoholism in California

Alcoholism is nothing new. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are many other forms of addiction out there and that they each pose a threat, especially with the country’s current opioid crisis. However, drugs like alcohol are among the most insidious because they’re so ubiquitous – alcohol is legal (over a certain age), it’s […]

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Your Addiction Can Threaten Your Job

Addiction threatens your job

We see it on the news all the time – addiction can be life-threatening, leading thousands of people down a desperate path and eventually culminating in a tragic fate. But while thousands of Americans lose their lives to addiction overdoses and accidents every year, over 24 million Americans currently struggle with a substance abuse problem. […]

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