Common Causes Of Addiction

Causes Of Addiction | Transcend Recovery Community

The causes of addiction make it a hard thing to beat, but the first step to beating it is understand that it is a disease. From there, it’s all about figuring out why you’re dealing with the problem, and how to best tackle it in your situation. Every individual case is different in that regard. […]

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How Addiction Works

How Addiction Works | Transcend Recovery Community

How addiction works has been an enigma for centuries, one we’ve always been familiar with but one we never really figured out. To this day, scientists and experts argue on the truths and fallacies surrounding addiction, and the language continues to be confusing to some laymen. Is it a chronic brain condition? Is it a […]

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Four Benefits Of Being Sober

Being sober is the gateway that frees you to live a better life without drugs or alcohol. When you become sober, you are no longer stuck in the harmful cycle of addiction. The past is in the past, and now you can embrace the present with each new day. Sobriety is not about increasing your […]

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Dealing With Withdrawal – PAWS in Drug Recovery

Dealing With Withdrawal | Transcend Recovery Community

PAWS is not typically an acronym for a recovery-related animal petting project – rather, it stands for the all-too-real and common post-acute withdrawal syndrome/symptoms, aftershocks of recovery that are felt within your body after the acute stage of dealing with withdrawal is over. Post-acute withdrawal is best described as the reason why early recovery is […]

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