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Women's Sober Living Lifestyle | Transcend Recovery CommunityTranscend understands that women have unique needs and concerns when it comes to their recovery, and that for many, gender specific women’s sober living is a crucial element of a successful aftercare program. Our women’s sober living homes in Los Angeles and Texas provide a space for women to heal and grow. With the deep belief in the transformative power of sisterhood and community, our women’s sober living specific programming helps every woman gain independence, balance, and strength in recovery. Each home is lead by a female Program Director who approaches each client as an individual, helping them to outline a customized plan for continual growth and development. Whether a woman is focused on education and career development, creating healthier lifestyle habits, or simply wants to transition back into her every-day life with the safety and support of a recovery community, Transcend will design a program to fit her needs. We believe that the process of recovery from addiction is a sacred one, and that every woman should be afforded the love, compassion, and thoughtfulness necessary to rebuild their lives.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Sober Living

Sober livings designed specifically for women often provide an atmosphere of comfort and focus where women can do the work of recovery and healing, together. While every woman’s recovery from addiction is unique, certain factors such as relationship dynamics, family responsibilities, and emotional and physical wellness tend to resonate more in our female clients. As such, our women’s sober living homes are designed to deal with a variety of emotional, physical, and interpersonal concerns with the utmost care and sensitivity. Our diverse team of professionals are trained to guide each client through their challenges, helping them develop the coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with their stressors and develop solutions. The nuanced level of understanding and empathy between and amongst our female clients and staff creates an inspiring sense of sisterhood. With the support of her women’s sober living community and a client-centered approach, each woman is engaged to take an active role in her recovery journey and gain the independence and self-sufficiency for long-term well-being.

Enhanced Women’s Sober Living Programming

By providing regular opportunities for exploration and personal development, we help women realize their unique strengths and ambitions as individuals in our women’s sober living programs. We appreciate that the goals and preferences of our female clients are diverse and maintain a loving and inclusive space for all women to find their path. From art therapy to family cooking groups, to house yoga & Pilates sessions, our homes are equipped for holistic self-improvement- mind, body, and soul. With homes situated in some of the most sought-after cities in the US, our female clients enjoy day trips to Santa Monica beach, walks along the Buffalo Bayou, snow trips to Big Bear mountain, and more. The women of our women’s sober living homes have a unique opportunity to work on themselves in recovery, but also enjoy a life of celebration and fun with other women who accept and support them. Transcend is evolving the recovery approach, especially within our sober living houses for women. At Transcend, we welcome every woman to join a sisterhood and embolden her to achieve a life reimagined.

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