The community, the staff, the owner and especially this program is an incredibly special place. You never know the character of people until you are in crisis. Well, my program in Malibu was in crisis. We suffered a significant evacuation due to fire and without even a hesitation, the Transcend owner and staff came together to give us food, shelter and comfort for my clients that were displaced, anxious and feeling overwhelmed by tragedy. When you think of your loved one going to a place that is willing to give the shirt off their back without question, then Transcend is where your loved one belongs. Their character, their compassionate staff, and their personal sense of commitment to a clients safety, well being and comfort is unprecedented. Do not hesitate to let them be a part of your solution, they "get it" and are willing to do whatever it takes to be there for you and your family. Call them right away if you need a place that will care for you or your loved one the same way that my clients were cared for without hesitation. Transcend is remarkable.

– Dr. S.

Deciding my next step after being in a wilderness program wasn't easy; However, it didn't take long to realize that coming to Transcend was the right choice. One thing that sticks out is how much the Transcend staff cares. I really appreciated a group so clearly dedicated to helping me feel safe and at home. This is just one aspect of the high level of care Transcend provides…

– Oren E.

Asher was amazing with working with me to get my son help. He was consistently checking in to make sure I knew he was there to support our family through this difficult time. He answered my questions and offered to help walk my son through any questions he may have. Just knowing he was there was of great comfort.

– Kimi F.

As a parent of a son who has struggled with addiction it was very difficult for me to realize that there was nothing I could do to help him. I thank God every day for the Transcend community that was there to help my son when I could not…

– I.B.

Transcend sober living has really helped change my life for the better. I entered their Santa Monica home after residential treatment and I can honestly say it has made the biggest impact on my sobriety over anything else I have done…

– Matthew D.

I left inpatient treatment in Arizona, not knowing what to do next. My therapist recommended Transcend. He said it is where he would send his own child. Transcend has been an intricate player in my sobriety and life. The houses are in great locations and provide a very comfortable living environment, but what separates Transcend from other sober livings is the staff…

– Waverly C.

I decided to come to Transcend after touring several sober livings. The house had the best vibe. I was super fortunate to find this place. They supported my music, allowed me the freedom to pursue my goals, all while providing structure, accountability and support. I stayed for 4 months and have been sober ever since…

– C.Rich

Transcend totally saved my life. Needing a sober community, I chose Transcend over numerous other programs and am so grateful I did. The staff is knowledgeable, the accommodations are top notch, and my treatment team was the best…

– Keane C.

I don't want to imagine where I would be today had I not met Asher and the Transcend Recovery Community. They have given me the gift of life. I was living but had no fire in me. For the first time, I feel ALIVE!

– Chaya S.

Transcend didn't give me my life back. It gave me a life beyond my wildest dreams that I never believed could be possible. "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives". This was the motto that I approached my recovery with. Transcend was an incredible teacher for me…

– Joshua M.

Transcend maintains a caliber of professionalism and dedication as a top tier institution dedicated to personal recovery in all aspects, and they excel at it with a strong focus on personal accountability and emphasizing skills to facilitate a lifetime of growth and well-being…

– Doug S.

As someone struggling with depression & anxiety, Transcend provided me with the structure and support to help me reconnect with a world I felt utterly out of place in…

– A. D.

Transcend is as good as it gets. It's a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available.

– Mike M.

My life is begun anew and I love the staff here more than certain family members of mine. Good times will be had.

<3 – Kyle L.

Transcend is different than other sober livings, they have surf therapy, a chef, art group, yoga, a gym membership and recovery!

– Amanda G.

My favorite part about Transcend is the amazingly supportive community! It's filled with recovery, fun and freedom!

– Katie B.

Transcend community has a great staff that goes out of their way to help the clients that come through here…

– Tyler R.

Transcend is a community that prides itself on saving lives and promoting lasting growth and change for its clients. We RECOVER through a program of ACTION!

– Dean M.

Coming from a halfway house in Minneapolis, I can say it doesn't get better than this. Recovery isn't easy but they make it simple…

– Noah B.

I'd highly recommend Transcend to anyone in need of help with mental health issues and addiction problems. The houses are always kept up really well, the programs, events, and staff are some of the best I've seen, and the community is friendly and easygoing!

– Clay N.

I currently live at Transcend and love it. Early recovery can be tough and Transcend makes it easier through their great staff and program. The Transcend Seaside house has shown me that I can have fun in sobriety…

– Jacob B.

As a member of the Transcend Harvard house, I could say this community is top notch! The staff members here support each other through anything, which makes it much easier to better support and care for clients!...

– Sara N.

If you’re looking for a place that cares and has your best interest this is the place, they are really there for each individual, making sure all their needs are taken care of and that they’re getting all the right attention.

– Yossef Z.

One of the best assets at Transcend is the community! I am so grateful for what I have found at Transcend and I am surrounded by truly caring people every day who support me!

– Katie B.