Sober Mentoring

Transcend provides a full sober mentoring program influenced by the phenomenal success of existing monitoring programs for doctors, pilots and nurses. Many of our clients have to relocate after leaving sober living, but need assistance with acclimating to new challenges and developing a schedule for themselves. Some clients need accountability and support to set out on their own. Our sober monitoring program provides face-to-face contact with clients, while providing randomized drug tests, and home inspections to ensure full support and accountability.

Sober Mentoring | Transcend Recovery Community

Transcend’s sober mentoring program was established to slow down the ‘zero to sixty’ transition from structured settings into more independent living. We offer guidance and accountability for individuals in various phases of recovery. Evidence suggests that ongoing support is the most critical component marking an individual’s success in recovery, and a healthier and more meaningful life overall. We work with each and every one of our clients to create an individualized approach toward continued wellness, in meeting the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

Our sober mentors are men and women in recovery who are trained to support clients in their recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges. Our sober mentoring program was born out of the challenges facing our clients, and provides our clients with the support they need to thrive. Through regular supervision meetings, constant communication, and training courses ranging from relapse prevention, family dynamics, crisis intervention and motivational interviewing, the Transcend mentor is dedicated to growing right alongside their client. Mentors meet on a specified basis with their clients, and offer urinalysis drug testing, home inspections, goal setting and tracking, job support, and ongoing collaboration with a client’s treatment team and family.

With the sober mentoring successes we have seen in both Los Angeles and New York, we have extended our services to other states to extend the reach of our comprehensive aftercare services.