Sober Apartment Living

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Sober living apartments provide a specific need than most recovery homes. Sober livings have been incredibly successful in helping those who are recovering to get back on track. However, your term at a sober living will come to an end and you must debate what to do afterward.  This gap is where the concept of a sober apartment living comes into the equation and Transcend Recovery Community is a premier choice for this.

What Are Sober Living Apartments?

Halfway houses and sober living homes tend to be occupied by numerous residents and are ideal in the initial substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or mental health recovery process. Sober apartments are a great transitional step from those addiction treatment programs. The context of sober living apartments is much different, as it sees one or two recovering persons living in a more individualized space and provides more freedom. 

Transcend provides this kind of apartment-style living, which can make for a more comfortable experience for some clients. Of course, the more individual style creates concerns about maintaining sobriety. The group activities and checks that are synonymous with sober living homes would not be possible in an apartment context.

Therefore, the Transcend team completes check-ins and random urine analysis to help maintain a sense of accountability to the recovery program. Doing this allows us to effectively monitor clients as they go through the transition associated with sober apartment living. 

How Does Transcend Provide Sober Apartment Living?

Transcend helps people who are looking for a reliable recovery program. Once clients have gone through detox, inpatient treatment or outpatient programs, sober living etc., they may not necessarily be readily able to return to their home. There are triggers and other factors that feed into this, and sober living apartments help with this transition.

While the sense of community in Transcend’s sober homes is not the same internally, we ensure that all residents are aware of the level of support that the team stands ready to provide at any time. Also, clients in sober apartments are always welcome to join the larger Transcend sober living community for activities and check-ins so that no one ever feels isolated.

Maintaining sobriety is a non-negotiable requirement. Therefore, clients must agree to do so upon entry. We verify this by completing random urine tests to ensure that there are no traces of unacceptable substances.

Transcend’s current and coming sober living apartments are conveniently located in areas that allow residents to explore and slowly reintegrate into society. Once this new style of living is introduced gradually, the clients have an easier time maintaining it when it is time to move back home. 

Apart from sobriety, clients are encouraged to take part in personal development activities, such as education and job hunting. Of course, support can be  provided as needed to increase the potential for success.

The Value of a Sober Living Apartment

Comfort is essential to a successful recovery process. Regardless of what human beings may be doing, discomfort always hampers focus. While some people can settle back into their homes quickly, some people cannot and that is the value of sober living apartments. 

Such clients may find that a sober living apartment is a much more comfortable space. If so, we find that recovery progress goes much more smoothly. There is also a level of internal comfort associated with a dedicated place to call home. 

Though complex residents may not be sharing the same internal space, the sense of support and community is preserved by incorporating everyone who wants in community-wide activities. 

We also find that those who live in the context of a sober living apartment start to get into the habit of self-accountability and responsibility that much more quickly. Of course, it’s still a Transcend facility, but clients get to feel a sense of independence in their actions and living conditions.

What Are Typical Sober Apartment Living Rules?

Sober apartment living presents with a set of rules. Before clients can be residents of the facility, they must sign an agreement to adhere to these rules and accept the associated consequences if the said rules are violated. Some of the typical rules are:

  • Residents must be receptive to random urine sampling 
  • Residents must agree to random apartment searches from time to time.
  • Malicious destruction of the apartment or its contents is unacceptable
  • There should be no fighting or violence towards other complex residents

Are There Sober Living Apartments Near Me?

Sober apartment living facilities are instrumental in the substance abuse addiction recovery process and the promotion of mental health. Depending on your personality type and unique situation, you may require the services of a sober living apartment. 

Transcend provides top-notch facilities in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston and currently offers sober living apartments in Venice, California with more properties across the country to come. The areas that host the facilities are strategically selected, as they are optimal for the recovery process.

There is a mix of just enough privacy with a host of surrounding attractions that residents can enjoy. Transcend believes that a healthy dose of regular societal operation is necessary for clients during recovery. Additionally, exposure to the broader environment makes it that much easier for reintegration into normal life to take place. 

If you are in recovery and seeking transitional living, the option of sober living apartments may be open to you. Feel free to give us a call to see how you can become a part of the Transcend community and how we can help you.

Does Transcend Offer Sober Apartments in Los Angeles?

Transcend offers sober apartments in Los Angeles to promote a solid recovery effort. The location is as beautiful as you can imagine where Southern California is concerned. Other sober living homes in Los Angeles don’t provide the kind of service or functionality that our apartments do.

For example, there are staff members that can be made available 24/7 to attend to all your needs. Our sober living apartment in Los Angeles not only contributes to a holistic recovery approach but is also conveniently located near various attractions. As you recover, you can experience fantastic food, art, adventures, etc.

Call the recovery specialists at Transcend today at 800-208-1211 or use our contact us form and see how joining the Transcend community can change your life.