Luxury Sober Living

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Residents that have completed inpatient treatment at a luxury residential rehab facility often desire access to similar amenities when transitioning out of treatment. Luxury sober living homes are designated to be safe spaces for those in recovery. Luxury sober livings provide opportunities for accountability and shared responsibility among residents, while simultaneously providing comfort and security. Transcend Recovery Community is a great option for this type of environment.

What Are the Benefits of Luxury Sober Living?

Though the cost of luxury sober living may be prohibitive for some, there are indisputable benefits to this type of care, including:

  • Food – Luxury sober living homes continuously provide residents with healthy and delicious meals. Facilities will often have a dedicated chef on staff or will utilize high-end catering options.
  • Amenities – One of the defining elements of high-end sober living is the various amenities available. Clients will be provided with access to an assortment of comforts, such as high-def TVs, comfortable furniture, and tasteful home decor.
  • Staff Members – Luxury sober living homes are staffed with skilled professionals to cater to residents’ needs, as well as assuring everyone’s safety and comfort.
  • Aftercare – Sober livings have exceptional connections to the aftercare community. Many luxury sober livings offer in-home meetings, arrange for transportation to support groups, and provide additional access to counseling programs.

What is the Primary Purpose of Sober Living Homes?

Sober livings are a valuable component in treatment programs, as they bridge the gap between inpatient programs and the return to daily life outside of treatment. While residents in sober living have sufficient free time, house rules and guidelines aid residents in maintaining sobriety and accountability. Sober living also provides residents with structure throughout their day with a daily schedule, house meetings, outpatient treatment, etc.

What is the Role of Sober Living in Maintaining Sobriety?

Environmental factors play a large part in a person’s recovery. While some may make the decision to return home after treatment, others may not have as positive of a home environment. Sober living and transitional housing helps to provide those in recovery with continued support, structure, and purpose after treatment.  Those in sober living are provided with extended access to community and peer-based recovery support. Sober living is an excellent option for those in need of a healthy and encouraging home environment.

Are There Luxury Sober Livings Near Me?

Transcend currently has luxury sober living accommodations for men and women in Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. If you or a loved one are in search of high-end sober living, please contact us so we may discuss and assist you with your needs.

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