Welcome to Transcend Recovery Community

Sober Living Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and New York.

“We’re an organization that asks you – what do you want to do with your life?”

Transcend Recovery Community has been helping clients build new lives in the Los Angeles recovery community since opening it’s first sober living in 2008. Now we are pleased to offer not only Sober Living Los Angeles and New York City, but also mentoring for extended care, drug testing, and specialized sober companioning throughout the US. Do you or your loved ones feel alone in the struggle against alcohol, drugs, or mental health issues? At Transcend you are not alone, learn more about our program by exploring the website or give one of our helpful intake specialists a call, even if you just need someone to talk to. The road to recovery can be hard but help is here and you are not alone in your struggle, become a part of our Recovery Community today.
“A community where we can all feel comfortable being perfectly imperfect beings – a sense of hope.”


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  • Transcend helped me set up a foundation for my new life in sobriety. My time spent at Transcend has been invaluable to the success I have in my life today and for that I am eternally grateful.
    -Matt H.
  • Transcend helped me learn how to have fun in sobriety and went beyond teaching me how to stay sober and pushed me to follow my dreams of getting a Masters in Business. Transcend helped me create a life I never thought possible. Each Day is a gift.
    -Nash H.
  • It was at Transcend that I truly learned how to take responsibility for my own life.
    -Becky N.
  • Thanks in large part to Transcend, I’m living the life I never thought I would.
    -Eddie L.
  • To prepare for a new life I had to create patterns for a new life. Not only was I challenged with addiction I also had a variety of mental afflictions that fueled my binges. After 30 days in treatment I needed a stepping stone. I was worried as a new place was out of my comfort zone but Transcend and its personable staff members provided me a safe place yet still challenged me. My stay was 3 months and it was difficult but it was a great place to really dive into my new way of thinking.
    -James J.
  • Transcend absolutely gave me my life back, not just my life but a life much more fulfilling, a life I never thought was possible. I did the work, but Transcend made it possible.
    -Chris S.