The World Needs the Transformation That Recovery Brings

The World Needs the Transformation That Recovery Brings | Transcend Sober Living

If everyone were addicted to drugs and alcohol, you can imagine that the world would not be a very happy place. If you’ve struggled with addiction yourself, then you might know just how bad the world would be if it were covered by a population full of addicts.

Yet, one by one, as a person gets sober, they make a change for the better – not only for themselves but for the planet. Little by little as more and more people get sober, the world becomes a happier and healthier place. This is precisely why Transcend Recovery Community has been helping clients build new lives since opening its first sober living home in 2008.

Imagine not only healing your addiction but also letting go of the negative thinking and behavioral patterns that can make life difficult. For instance, recovery can help you let go of the following patterns. What would the world be like if everyone did the same?

The Need to Control – We tend to want to control our circumstances when we are fearful or when past experiences brought pain. To prevent similar pain in the future we try to rule over our own life and the life of others. Yet, part of sober living is finding trust, relaxing into life, and finding a surrender that we were hoping to find in alcohol or drugs. It might feel like a counter-intuitive kind of experience, but letting go of control in exchange for having a certain confidence in your life can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Blaming Others – Blaming comes with feeling powerless. You’re never going to return to a sense of empowerment if you’re pointing the finger at others. Blaming is centered on believing that your power is outside of your control. Blaming others is exacerbating your feelings of powerlessness, which is the root of addiction. In recovery, you can gain awareness and the maturity to take responsibility for your losses and mistakes, which also gives you the power to make healthier and better choices in the future.

Negative Self-Talk – This thinking pattern includes self-criticism, judgment, and sabotage. But you don’t have to spend time in that negativity any longer than you want to. Recovery helps empower you to change negative thinking into healthy and self-loving thoughts. It will take some time to make that shift. However, as you become more and more self aware and as you gain healthy coping tools, you’ll begin to experience life differently and in a more positive way.

Self-Limiting Beliefs – In order to let go of beliefs that limit your progress, prosperity, or growth, you need to become aware of them first. This is a little bit light finding a black thread in a dark room. How do you do this?  Well, fortunately, your attention is sort of like a light. Just by placing your attention on your recovery process, you can begin to be aware of yourself. You can begin to investigate why you haven’t been able to get sober before. By asking yourself questions and by exploring yourself, you can unearth those beliefs and transform them.

Since 2008, Transcend has developed programs, tools, and a team of professionals to assist you with creating change. We’ve created a loving community that accepts everyone and anyone who has a desire for wellness and wholeness. We strive to meet the needs of those who walk through our doors in a deep and meaningful way. Transcend invites you to wonder: “What would the world be like if everyone experienced the transformation that recovery brings?”


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