Who We Are

Transcend believes in an individualized approach to defining the resident’s needs and goals. This approach is supplemented by a deep rooted belief in twelve step work and meetings while helping residents to define their own approach to spirituality. We believe that while addiction doesn’t discriminate, neither should recovery. That is why we provide sober living environments for all financial situations. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters growth in the resident while they gain inspiration in their individual program.

Transcend is a safe, supportive and structured environment where residents work with each other and staff to better their lives, sobriety and recovery. The programs offered ensure the resident’s accountability and inspire a willingness to participate and take action in their recovery. We will help each resident create and implement a personalized recovery plan and strengthen the foundation that is necessary for rehabilitation. As more short-term treatment programs become available, so does the need for the resident’s proper transition back into life. We offer a place for our residents that allows them to use the tools to integrate into mainstream life.

Addiction undermines the possibility of a healthy home, family, career, and a meaningful life. Transcend understands the sensitivity and devastation these consequences have had on our residents. Because of this, Transcend has selected a diverse, professional and supportive staff to assist our residents through this emotionally challenging period. Our program sees the need for change and will provide the guidance necessary to achieve it.

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