What Can Los Angeles Offer to Someone In Recovery?

What Los Angeles Offers To Recovery

Los Angeles is a great big city, with over 4 million residents, over 270 different neighborhoods, and worldwide fame as the home of Hollywood, the entertainment center of the world. Yet LA is also home to thousands of recovering drug addicts, and a large sober living community. Despite its fair share of problems with drug use and distribution – par for the course for any large city – the city of Los Angeles provides plenty of opportunities for recovering addicts seeking out a better life and their time as an addict.

Any big city can be a challenge to live in, especially when faced with the temptations of drug use and relapse. However, there are many benefits to living in a vibrant urban environment, especially if you know how to take advantage of the variety around you.

Differentiating from the vice and the virtuous can be a tough task in a city as big as the City of Angels, but with a bit of patience and a map, you’ll be sure to see just how much of LA is devoted to allowing people to enjoy the many pleasures of life without dipping into the sinister and the illicit. Not a drop of drink is necessary to enjoy the best and the greatest of what LA has to offer, if you know what to look for.


More Than Urban Life

While LA is known for urban sprawl, Los Angeles is a natural habitat to countless species of animals and many different forms of vegetation, with several different ecosystems spread out throughout the county, from mountains to beaches, wetlands, and forests. There is no shortage of parks and nearby locations to get away from the hustle of the city and breathe in a lungful of fresh air. Home to several plantations, reserves, conservation projects and more, there are countless opportunities to back away completely from civilization and step back into nature.

Besides that, the city features plenty of attractions and cultural curiosities for not only any tourists that decide to visit LA, but its myriad of residents. With an incredibly mixed multicultural population, LA is home to various Hispanic, white, black, and Asian neighborhoods from different ethnic backgrounds, melding together in places to produce wild combinations in the form of art, cuisine, and music, just to mention a few. Communities throughout the county bring their own ‘old country’ flavor to the area, making a stroll through LA feel more like a journey through half the world.


Plenty of Talent

Being home to countless cultures lends itself in a particularly interesting way when viewing LA from the perspective of an onlooking artist. Whether you’re interested in murals, paintings, sculptures, performances, or food, there’s absolutely no shortage of individual creativity and cultural ingenuity throughout the area, from countless comedy cellars and local theaters to bodybuilding shows, concerts, food festivals, cultural events, and much more.

LA has taken its long and storied history of immigration to heart and is better off for it. However, it takes a bit of looking to truly reach the best parts of LA and discover its most precious experiences. Even a long-time resident would do well to take the time explore the county, and they’d likely find something new. For individuals in recovery, the value of that is priceless. Always having something different to look forward to in your home of choice means you never quite know what you’ll find or end up doing next week, while still preserving an important sense of familiarity with a place or region.


Countless Communities

Sober communities, art enthusiasts, home cooks, video game enthusiasts, manga fans, martial artists, fitness gurus, avid cyclists, amateur musicians, and so much more: LA is home to millions of Americans and foreign nationals, each with their set of interests and hobbies, and many of which have been connecting and networking for years to share in their passions and create communities for countless other enthusiasts to join in and enhance their experiences.

Whether your passion is physical, intellectual, or creative, it’s likely that in a big city like LA, there’s going to be no shortage of people who share an interest in the same things you do, and they’ll likely be willing to meet up and talk about those interests.


Conventions, Events, Festivals

TimeOut, Eventbrite, Discover Los Angeles and Events12 are just a few of the many Internet portals out there with access to a breadth of information on the various events, festivals, and ongoings in the LA area. Regardless of your interests, something that might interest you is bound to be around the corner or might even be scheduled for this week. Keep an eye on a handful of event calendars, and never miss out on something that might interest you, whether it’s a panel for your favorite author, an upcoming seminar, a cultural festival, or something completely different.


Learn Something New

Any city in the world is a great place to learn new things, but LA is home to some of the world’s best and most talented artists, chefs, actors, and performers. People move from all over at great costs to find a place in LA to absorb some of the experience and knowledge of their idols and make a name for themselves in any one of countless thriving industries in the region.

Even if you don’t have an aspiration of dancing on the world stage, LA is a great place to learn from some of the best of the best, or just have fun taking part in any of the various workshops and classes ongoing at every given moment. Being open to new experiences and being willing to invest time and effort into something completely out of one’s comfort zone is an important part of the recovery process, and one that might allow you to find that one passion you always needed to guide your path through long-term sobriety.

During early and ongoing recovery, having a large variety of things to do can greatly decrease a person’s risk of relapse. Boredom can be deadly to the recovery process, and sober activities help recoverees understand that just because they had to give up drugs, doesn’t mean they have to give up on fun.