Sober Housing at The Verve

Welcome to The Verve – Transcend’s curriculum-based sober housing program! In addition to our main sober living program that offers a more personalized approach, tailored to the client’s recovery needs, Transcend also offers this mid-tier priced sober housing line that provides many of the same amenities, but with a greater emphasis on equipping clients with the skills needed for future independent living. With homes for both men and women, The Verve sober housing program will use a curriculum-based approach drawn from Transcend’s years of experience in effective sober living care. Vocational development, life skills training, and volunteer experience are all fundamental parts of the program that all clients will participate in. Additionally, this sober housing program offers paid internships with chefs and employment placement with local business partners. Both homes operate under the philosophy of camaraderie and group accountability, with all clients helping one another achieve the goals they set for themselves. Clients of The Verve will “graduate” after approximately 6 months with the life, recovery, and vocational skills needed to successfully transition into a sober adulthood.

Sober Housing Program Overview


To empower young men and women with the life skills and discipline to effect positive change in their lives. Through a structured environment and a commitment to community and camaraderie, our clients will develop the work ethic necessary to take an active role in their recovery.


Our program will instill a sense of self-sufficiency and equip our clients with the job skills and drive necessary to continue on a fulfilling path. Through paid internships and on-site job training, our clients will gain the professional resume and work experience to help them excel in the professional world.


A central tenet of The Verve’s curriculum is the importance of community and being a part of something larger than oneself. This philosophy will help clients develop a sense of humility, charity, and a positive self-esteem built through esteemable acts.


Our 6-month graduation track is based on Transcend’s eight years of experience successfully aiding young adults with their recovery. Upon graduating the program, clients will be equipped with the principles of hard work, leadership, discipline, and community. This structured environment will empower clients with the confidence to become upstanding, self-sufficient members of society.

The Verve Sober Housing Program | Transcend Recovery Community