Venice Beach Sober Living: What to Expect

Venice Beach Sober Living: What to Expect | Transcend Recovery Community

Although the road to recovery is often seen as a difficult journey, there is plenty to getting sober that is finally nourishing and nurturing. Sure, sober living isn’t always going to be easy, especially in the beginning, but there are aspects of the journey that can be meaningful in ways that you’ve never expected.

For instance, Venice Beach sober living facilities often have recovery programs that suit almost every requirement. If you’re an executive and have the means to pay for executive treatment, you can find that in Venice. If you’re a businesswoman and want a VIP sort of program, you can find that in Venice too. If you know you’re going to need massage, acupuncture, yoga, Venice Beach sober living facilities can provide that too. Essentially, whatever it is you think you might need, you’re likely to find it.

For some, getting clean might be the only thing on their mind when they begin to look for sober living facilities. For others, there’s recognition that if they’re going to go through the challenges of sobriety, they’re going to have it be luxurious or deeply nurturing or family focused or budget conscious. What’s important to know is that the Venice Beach sober living community offers many options for new recovering addicts. When you’re ready to get sober, you can find what you need in the Venice Beach sober living community.

Typically, sober living homes, sometimes referred to as halfway houses, are facilities that provide a safe environment to get sober. They are often an extension of care for those recovering from addiction and who have already participated in and lived at an addiction treatment center. Although individuals live at sober living homes, as they would in a traditional rehab center, they have significantly more freedom to be able to attend work, school, or family events. Patients might also leave the halfway house to attend treatment services, such as group therapy, individual therapy, drug counseling, or a support group. Regular attendance to these treatment services depends on the need, and can be daily, weekly, or bi-monthly.  Experience at a Venice Beach sober living home might also include attending Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings, and other community-based recovery events.

All of these forms of treatment are available to those residing at a sober living home. In addition to this, the comforts mentioned above are frequently a part of Venice Beach sober living facilities. The level of support varies among these different options allowing an individual to gradually arrive at more freedom from their addiction and more autonomy in life.

And if for some reason, an individual can’t find what they need in Venice Beach, there are also sober living homes available in nearby cities such as:

  • Santa Monica
  • West Hollywood
  • San Bernardino
  • Torrance
  • Van Nuys
  • Brentwood
  • Beverly Hills
  • Los Angeles
  • West Los Angeles

The advantages of staying in a sober living home might be obvious, whether it’s in Venice Beach or elsewhere; however, below is a list of key benefits.

  • Sober living homes are affordable, alcohol and drug free environments that provide a positive place for peer group recovery.
  • Sober housing facilitates individual recovery by providing an environment that allows their participants to become self-supporting.
  • Sober living homes are typically single-family homes in quiet, residential neighborhoods.
  • Sober living homes typically have regulations that ensure the safety and sobriety of its guests, of which the single most important rule is zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Typically, rules might include the following:
      • Remain clean and sober during your stay.
      • Submit to periodic drug tests.
      • Attend house meetings that promote sobriety and overall well being.
      • Commit to doing chores around the house and maintaining the general cleanliness of the home.
      • Participate in a form of community service or work in the community.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of staying sober while being in a sober living program is the support residents can provide one another. But the most important quality to look for in a Venice Beach sober living home is whether it can help you get sober.

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