Mike Malone

As Program Director of the Men’s Venice house, Mike brings years of both personal and professional experience in the recovery field. After working in film and television, he sought a career in which he could help others through their own recovery and joined the Transcend family in 2015. Mike was quickly recognized for his ability to connect with clients and their families and now serves as both a mentor and Recovery Coach in addition to his Program Director role.  With a bachelor’s degree in English from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and a professional background in creative writing, he finds that writing allows him to practice and maintain balance in all areas of his life- spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Mike’s goal is to help clients understand that recovery is an opportunity to have more out of life, despite the hesitations or fears they may have in the beginning of sobriety. He is inspired to help every client find the motivation and purpose to live a fulfilling and passionate life.

What is something you do to practice self-care?

Surfing is my go-to activity when I need to unwind and recalibrate. It is something I’m passionate about, and like to also share with my clients as well. Since our house is literally steps from the Venice ocean, I’ll take them out for a surfing session individually or as a group. It’s a great opportunity to have a new meditative experience in early recovery.

What do you find purposeful about your work?   

When I was in early recovery, I needed a lot of support from others to help me find true meaning and fulfillment out of life again. I now pass on those insights and principles of recovery to help others gain a life filled with meaning and intrinsic satisfaction. Being in a position to do that provides me with ultimate purpose.