Jon Sutfin

Jon is a native of the Washington D.C. area and earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. After working in film and marketing for a few years, he moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to seek a more rewarding career. During that time he volunteered with several organizations supporting at-risk and homeless youth and soon realized his purpose was to serve others and make a long-lasting positive impact on their lives.  Jon came to Transcend in 2015 as an intern, working in the houses to complete the necessary hours for his drug and alcohol counseling certification through UCLA. Upon the completion of his training, Jon joined the Transcend team at our men’s Verve program. We are grateful to have Jon serve as a leader of our men’s program, as well to the greater Los Angeles recovery community! He says, “It’s funny, back in school they taught me how to construct a narrative.  Today, I get to show others how to change the narrative of their lives.”

What is something fun you do in your free time?

I love to get out of the city and exploring the outdoors. I help coordinate an annual camping trip and outdoor excursion that is primarily for people in recovery.  I don’t care if it’s climbing a mountain or swinging in a hammock, spending time in nature has a profound effect on my overall well-being.

What is something that supports your recovery?

For me, first and foremost, it’s service.  It is absolutely crucial for me to live beyond my own self-interest, to make this world a little better for someone else. Come to think of it, recovery is a lot like climbing a mountain.  Nobody is going to carry you to the top of Everest, but the right guides can definitely help you get to there. It’s important to have the support and insight of people who support your journey.