Dean Moses

With a true passion for life and learning, Dean serves as Program Director of our men’s beachside home in Santa Monica, CA. He holds a bachelor’s in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and is currently working towards his certification as a drug and alcohol counselor. Practicing wellness & self-care are integral to Dean’s recovery and overall well-being today and says that taking care of mind, body, and spirit are crucial to his long-term sobriety. Dean enjoys an active lifestyle and spends his free time practicing yoga, taking boxing classes, playing tennis & beach volleyball, and studying Kabbalah. Through his own recovery journey and his work to help others, Dean has finally been able to bridge the gap between the theory of spiritual principals and the action behind them. He has made it his life commitment to help people overcome the disease of addiction, and teach clients the life-skills necessary to rediscover their true selves in recovery. His ultimate mission is to show individuals that they can have a beautiful & full life without the use of substances. Dean is fascinated and passionate about music, art, sports, and the human connection we all share.

What about working in the field of recovery inspires you?

Seeing somebody come back to life from the grips of a deathly disease is one of the most inspiring and fulfilling things that I have ever been a part of. Seeing the lights come back on and the transformation that can take place when a client is open-minded and willing is truly miraculous.

What do you think makes Transcend unique?

I believe the thing that makes Transcend special, and separates us from other programs out there is the community aspect. We get all of the houses together for pool parties, beach days, surfing, yoga, and BBQs. At the Seaside house, our backyard is the ocean. It is a meditative place where clients can relax, self-reflect, or just enjoy the view!