Christian De Oliveira

The growth and development of people, companies, and the operational systems that support both, are the foundations of Christian’s professional journey. Behind the P&Ls, balance sheets, and quarterly operational plans, are people- their stories, their experiences, and their beliefs in the companies we lead. After a life of rich experience and lessons learned, Christian has found that by focusing on the human-element of business, success can be found on a variety of levels.

Before starting as one of the first employees of Transcend Recovery Community, now an industry leader in the young adult behavioral health space, Christian’s journey took him from the warmth of the Pacific Palisades, CA, to the adventure of Rio de Janeiro, to the beaches of Australia, on through the hospitality of Asia and beyond. While his path has had plenty of amazing ups, and eye-opening downs, he is grateful for every lesson learned as they have helped shape him into an effective communicator in both his corporate, and personal, roles. Leadership requires experience, empathy, and an ability to meet employees where they are. Christian’s mix of corporate and personal experience provides him with a unique approach to leadership that has allowed him to grow companies, teams, and bottom lines.