Take A Sober Living Self-Evaluation

Sober Living | Transcend Recovery

When someone moves into a sober living home, they often wonder whether it’s right for them. They might have questions about whether they are making the right choice for themselves. One way to investigate whether joining a sober living community is right for you is to compare your experiences with typical symptoms of addiction.

Addiction can be a dangerous illness. Because it affects the brain and over time the body develops a dependency to the drug, addiction can make a person believe that they need the substance to survive. The physical and psychological dependency upon alcohol or drugs because more and more severe. For instance, someone struggling with alcoholism might find themselves drinking first thing in the morning. A person might also experience drug-seeking behavior that is compulsory, meaning they feel as though they don’t have too much control over it. To have a compulsion means you feel compelled to do something.

Compulsory behavior and other symptoms can be signs that you might be experiencing addiction. And if that’s the case, then you’ll need to get support, including being a part of a sober living community. And this might include living at a sober living home, a place where you can stay sober and safe from substances. Answer these questions to evaluate whether you need to seek professional support and focus on sober living:

  • Are you neglecting your responsibilities at work or home?
  • Do you have any legal concerns as a result of your substance use?
  • Are your relationships becoming more and more challenging?
  • Are you building a tolerance to the drug or to alcohol? (Meaning that you need more of the drug or alcohol to feel the same high.)
  • Do you experience cravings and desires to use?
  • Do you take other drugs to avoid having withdrawal symptoms, when the drug of choice is not available to you?
  • Have you lost control over when you drink or use drugs? (As discussed above.)
  • Do you fantasize about when you can use drugs or drink again?
  • Are you neglecting activities you love?
  • Are you continuing to use drugs or drinking even though it’s making your life worse?
  • Are you hiding things from people from whom you don’t normally hide anything?
  • Are you doing things you wouldn’t normally do because of drugs and drinking?

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions, it’s important that you begin to focus on sobriety. However, you will likely need to seek professional support to do that. As a part of your focus on recovery, having a safe and sober place to live, such as Transcend Recovery Community, will be important for your long-term sobriety. Transcend offers more than just a home; we are a community of people that believe in health and happiness. We love helping others change their lives so that they are no longer just surviving but thriving in life.  If you believe you are experiencing signs of addiction, contact Transcend to learn about a program that might be right for you.