Be Grateful for Your Sobriety This Thanksgiving

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in the United States and Canada primarily. The holiday, however, is rooted in the history of England combined with the history of those settling on American soil. Many ancient cultures in Europe, including England, celebrated and rejoiced after a successful harvest. The early American settlers continued this annual celebration years after arriving to New England. Celebrating the abundance of food and resources is the essence of this autumn holiday.

The same could be true for anyone who has gotten sober in this last year. Although there may not be the highs drinking and drug use, sobriety often brings repaired family relationships, restored career paths, stable finances, mental and emotional stability, and a healthier life in general. Certainly, the first year of sobriety is a difficult one. However, most men and women in early recovery might agree that being sober is a relief and a welcome change. If you’re feeling grateful for your sobriety, here are a few ways to celebrate your own harvest and abundance this Thanksgiving:

Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate and care about them. It’s not every day that we tell our family and friends how much they mean to us. Celebrate the abundance of relationships this Thanksgiving by sharing your love and appreciation with them.

Have a special meeting with your sponsor and celebrate how much you’ve grown. There’s no question that there has been change since the day you got sober through today. If your sponsor has been there with you since the beginning, then he or she will be the perfect person to help you celebrate the changes you’ve made.

Make a list of everything you’re grateful for. Addiction is a hard life for most people. As an addict, you might see objects and people as a means to get what you want: another drink or one more high. With sobriety, however, your perception might change. Instead of seeing people and things as a means to an end, you might begin to see people as those who are about you and belongings as items that provide comfort and support. Make a list of every detail in your life you’re happy to have.

Help a friend you know is in need. Whether you’re a recovering addict or not, most people wouldn’t be where they are in their life if it weren’t for the help of others. Because of mentors, therapists, spouses, sponsors, teachers, and co-workers, people find the strengths in them to achieve their dreams. With gratitude for all those who have helped you get sober, volunteer at a local sober living home, homeless shelter, or 12-step meeting. Give a helping hand to someone you know might need the support or volunteer at a local social service agency.

You’re sober and there’s a lot to be grateful for! The above suggestions are a few ways to express your gratitude this Thanksgiving!


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