Sugar Is the World’s Greatest Addiction

Sugar is the most widespread and unrecognized addiction. It is a substance that is in a wide variety of foods, even those that one might not think would include sugar. Although sugar seems relatively innocent, it is also a substance that can affect one’s energy level and mood. Those who are addicted to alcohol and caffeine are usually addicted to sugar as well. This article will explore the dangers of a sugar addiction and how to free yourself from sugar.

What’s interesting right now is that most people are buying more and more health foods. Organic foods are the trend, and many men and women today are trying to eat in healthy ways. However, many foods that appear to be good for you still have large amounts of sugar. For instance, smoothies are considered to be healthy. Yet, they are made with loads of fruit and sometimes artificial sweeteners. Although fruit is a good source of potassium, antioxidants, and more, eating them in large quantities means consuming a high amount of sugar. Ideally, a smoothie has one or two pieces of fruit and the rest vegetables and a sugar-free liquid as the base.

And it’s not just smoothies, but yogurt and all sorts of other foods have a high amount of sugar. As you peruse the health food store, be sure to look at the sugar content before you put an item in your cart. Although something appears healthy, it might be filled with artificial sweeteners to make it enjoyable to eat.

And if you’re not trying to eat healthy but you notice that you’re eating large amounts of sugar, you can begin by working with a nutritionist. He or she can work with your particular nutritional needs and provide alternatives to sugar. Sometimes, for instance, people have a craving for sugar or chocolate when they are actually in need of protein. This sort of information combined with working with your particular needs can facilitate ending an addiction to sugar. Also, a nutritionist can explore what your body may need so that you can still enjoy eating.

Another note to make is that sugar is used in practically every processed food. In order to make foods attractive and popular, manufacturers use sugar to make it sweet tasting. This is why it’s important to buy non-processed food items as much as you can. Buying foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and anything that is raw can help with avoiding sugar. If you’re buying something that is frozen, processed, or packaged, take a look at the sugar content before you buy it.

There’s no question that sugar can make things taste good. And the general public has gotten used to sugar in just about everything. However, if you’re vulnerable to diabetes, obesity, or other health conditions, you might want to cut down on sugar. And if you do, just like any other substance, you may notice symptoms of withdrawal. To wean yourself off of sugar safely and to create a diet that addresses your unique needs, contact a nutritionist.


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