Maintaining Sobriety & Avoiding Relapse During Your Holiday Travels

Maintaining Sobriety & Avoiding Relapse During Your Holiday Travels | Transcend Recovery Community

Sometimes, when you get on a plane and travel to another part of the country, you might feel a sense of playfulness. You might feel the kind of playfulness you felt when you were drinking or using drugs. You might feel like your travel is a special journey and that you’ve deserved it and that you can have just one drink. It will be okay, you think to yourself.

However, there’s a danger there, of course. It might seem as though one drink can be harmful, but one leads to another and another. The same is true with using drugs. One hit of marijuana could lead to meth use or cocaine use or more drinking. In order to protect yourself during your travels, especially during the holiday season, you might want to consider creating a toolbox of wellness. Actually, it’s a toolbox of those items that bring you comfort and a sense of “okayness”. The toolbox is one that is going to be unique to you. It’s going to include those items that only you find comfort and joy in. It’s going to involve those things you need that bring a smile on your face, warm your heart, and bring you enthusiasm. The following are items you might want to consider putting into your toolbox when you travel in the future:

  • CD’s of your favorite music.
  • Photos of family and friends whom you love.
  • Affirmations that keep you feeling strong inside.
  • Rocks or crystals that have meaning and significance for you.
  • Puzzles that you enjoy and that keep your mind occupied.
  • Stuffed animals that bring you joy.
  • Lotion or massage oils that you appreciate feeling on your skin.
  • Markers and a tablet to enjoy writing or drawing.
  • Old letters from friends and family.
  • A personal journal so that you can write out your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or other comfort foods.
  • Your favorite quotes that inspire you.
  • Magazine articles that encourage you and keep you moving toward your goal.
  • A drum or an instrument so that you can play music.
  • Relaxation CD’s to keep yourself feeling calm and relaxed.
  • A workout CD so that you can exercise while you’re away.
  • Poetry that warms your heart and invokes insight.
  • Candles to light in your hotel room to keep you feeling warm on the inside.
  • A yoga book to continue your practice while you’re away.
  • Materials for a hobby such as paints, stamps, or a scrapbook.
  • Hot cocoa mix to stay warm and cozy if it gets cold where you’re headed.
  • Spiritual books to boost your spiritual practice and give strength to your sobriety as you travel.
  • Colorful paper and scissors to be creative and engage your artistic side.
  • Fuzzy socks to stay cozy.
  • Sunglasses and sun block lotion to protect your skin if you’re traveling south. This is also a way of taking good care of yourself and your body.
  • Herbal tea to stay warm and to treat yourself to what you enjoy.
  • Herbs and supplements to keep yourself healthy while you’re traveling.
  • Aromatherapy oils which can be inhaled or applied to the skin. They can support emotional balance, stress relief, and overall well-being.

These are items to consider bringing with you. But this list is by no means exhaustive. It is only the beginning of a series that you can add to, change, and shorten, if you wish. The point is to create a toolbox that is uniquely yours and that can keep you sober and healthy while you’re traveling.

Also, if you’re traveling to visit family this season, that might be another reason to bring a box of comfort goodies with you. For some recovery addicts, family members are a strong source of support and love. However, for others, returning to the family home and the old family dynamics can be triggering and risky for relapse. If you want to protect your sobriety during this holiday season when you traveling, consider making a box of items that can pamper, nurture, and nourish you. You deserve it!


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