FAQ Mentoring

Why should we do mentoring for our young adult?

Recovery mentoring is a powerful step in sustaining long-term recovery. This support can significantly reduce the chances of relapse by working with the client as they begin independent living. Sober Mentoring teaches life skills and supports the client as they use those skills to become more independent.

What role do parents play with mentoring?

You have a significant role to play by supporting and contributing to a relapse plan. As you help shift your family to a healthy family system, your role is to continue to know your boundaries and support your child’s new chapter in life.

  • Once a week, the mentor or Joshua Mirmelli, Director of Mentoring and Family Programming, will give you an update on how your child is doing.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, please contact Josh at 305-333-9778.

What can we do to support sobriety?

Parents play a major role in helping heal their families. You can learn how to be present with your young adult. Learning how to listen and not react on impulse is key. You can also learn how to understand their point of view, and get clear on your values and what’s important to you. Addiction and addicted thinking doesn’t have to rule your life.

How long is the program?

We develop an individual treatment program to meet each persons needs. The longer one stays on mentoring, the better chance they have to live life sober and slowly integrate back into being a productive person with purpose and sense of community.

Relapse planning as a team - why?

As a parent, you know what you’ve been through and you know your child. If someone relapses, everyone needs to work together to be part of the team so there are no secrets. A plan is worked out and signed off by the team before-hand so there’s no ambiguity should a relapse occur.

What are the steps to mentoring?

The Program Director will contact you between 2-4 weeks before your child is ready to transition onto the next phase of their recovery process and begin to discuss with you our final level of support, Sober Mentoring.