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Sober Mentoring in Recovery | Transcend Reovery Community

Mentoring programs, no matter its type, can bring out success in the lives they serve. Whether it’s a school mentoring program or professional mentoring, learning from others who have already walked a similar road can be an informal way to gain wisdom.

Mentoring is simply learning from another through one on one teaching. Mentors can be guides in the delicate experiences of life, and studies show that they have been incredibly effective. For example, mentoring programs in schools have had a large impact on the education of teens. In a landmark study done by Public Private Ventures throughout 1992 and 1993, results revealed that those who had mentors skipped half as many days of school, felt more competent about doing schoolwork, and skipped fewer classes.

Also, students who had mentors in their program said that working hard in school was important to them, going to school and getting a good education was also important to them, and graduating from college was important. Lastly, those who are alumni of their program report that they are doing better in school because of their mentor, have reached a higher level of education than they thought was possible, and that the mentoring program kept them from dropping out of high school. Another example is the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program, a program that has been able to curb the effect of many social problems, including bullying.

Now, imagine that kind of success in addiction recovery. Mentoring during the recovery and sober living process can bring an enormous amount of support.  Typically, a mentor is someone who not only has their education, but they also have the wisdom of their own experience.

Sober mentoring is a way to stay in close touch with your sobriety. Once you return to the community from which you came to attend a sober living program, there may be risky situations that could jeopardize your recovery. You might run into friends, experience triggers and cravings, find faults in your family or even yourself that cause you to want a drink again. Sober mentoring is a way to instill those values, goals, and principles. It’s an opportunity to spend time with someone who can lead the way towards sobriety. A mentor can be a positive influence, a bright light on the recovery road. He or she can provide valuable direction and support to help you reach your goals.

Just like school mentoring and the thousands of children who stayed in school, performed better academically, and felt more competent in their schoolwork, similar results are possible for those in recovery. Sober mentoring can be a means to stay in recovery, perform better in life, and feel confident in your ability to achieve a sober life.


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