Sober Living in Los Angeles: LA Ranks as a Top “Recovery City”

Sober Living in Los Angeles: LA Ranks as a Top "Recovery City" | Transcend Recovery Community

A recent article in the Huffington Post listed those cities across America that made getting sober easier than other cities. The services, halfway homes, and rehabilitative treatment centers found in these cities made it attractive destinations for finding sobriety.

Although the article wasn’t necessarily encouraging their readers to make a geographic move across the country, it might be fitting it you’re aiming to leave your old life behind – family, friends, compulsive lifestyle – in search for a healthier existence.

Of the top ten cities listed, facilities for sober living in Los Angeles were ranked number four! Among the various reasons to live in LA – to be an artist or actress, for example – now there is another reason – the city’s thriving sobriety community. There is a large fellowship of like-minded recovery addicts who have their eyes on long-term sobriety. The community includes over 3,100 Alcoholic Anonymous meetings per week where attendees tend to arrive early to mingle, meet, and support each other’s recovery process.

The community alone might draw you to Los Angeles, but perhaps you are curious about who you’ll meet at these meetings. It is LA, after all. So you’re bound to rub elbows with someone famous – an actor, performer, comedian – also seeking sobriety. Some of the celebrities speak at various meetings as way to spread inspiration, motivation, and determination to stay clean. They share their own stories as a way to lift those in earlier stages of their recovery. For instance, not long ago the former Disney star Demi Lovato started recovery and sober living in Los Angeles — she didn’t make a long-distance move to do so, however. Her home is also in LA. Or you might run into Patrick Range McDonald, a staff writer at the LA Weekly who continues to attend meetings in West Hollywood.

The point of this article, however, isn’t to suggest that where you get sober is more important than the process itself. Indeed, it’s going to be a challenging journey. However, some locations might be able to offer the healing tools you’re looking for. If you’re the kind of person who yearns for a large community, Los Angeles is it.

If you’d rather retreat into a quieter type of sober living, where your community is found among fewer amounts of people, you’re likely to find that in Los Angeles too; but perhaps another city might call you. Some of the other cities in the list of top ten were Boston (ranked #1), Delray Beach of South Florida, Houston, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Portland, OR.

If you’re struggling with the highs and lows of an addiction, perhaps finding a large community of those who are struggling with the same challenges can be supportive. And if that’s what you’re yearning, even if you’re living on the East Coast, maybe you do want to make a cross country move after all. Or, if you’re lucky, you already live in LA and will only need to make the choice to check yourself into a facility of sober living in Los Angeles.


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