Sober Living in New York

Sober Living in New York

It’s New York, one of the financial capitals of the globe, and one of the most famous cities in the history of mankind. Aside from being gargantuan in terms of popularity and worldwide renown, New York is also quite the city. Sporting over 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, freshwater turtles, 58 wild orchid species, its famous subway tracks, a spot in history for being the United States’ first capital, and a population of over 8.6 million– over double the population of Los Angeles – New York is the most populous city in America, and one of the largest cities in the world by population. Sober living in New York is a challenge beacuse of the vibrant city life that struggles with addiction. 

But New York is much more than facts and numbers. There’s a magic surrounding this city unlike almost any other, drawing to itself countless pioneers, visionaries, refugees, artists and more. A real melting pot of cultures, New York is home to countless cultures across its five boroughs, and there are few places on Earth where one can come across as many different peoples, languages, and cuisines within a single stroll through town than the Big Apple.

For all its wonders, it’s still a city full of faults, and recognizing that is the first step to learning to live in it. As with any big city in America, New York struggles with drug abuse and drug trafficking, and alcoholism, as well as the nationwide fight against opioids. Sober Living in New York, a city filled with so much nightlife and elicit activities can be difficult, especially if you know where to look to have your “fun”. But you already knew that. What you might not know is that there’s a lot to do in New York that doesn’t involve a sip of alcohol or a single pill – in fact, the city is full of ways to enjoy a sober night out or have a day trip without getting “turnt”. If you’re looking to have some sober fun in New York, here’s what you need to know.

It’s the Big Apple for a Reason

With a population of over 8 million, over 24,000 restaurants, nearly 100 museums, dozens of zoos, countless gyms and just as many workshops and classes, there’s never a time of day when you’ll find yourself at a loss of things to do, places to explore, foods to try, or experiences to enjoy.

But first, it’s time for a little pre-game pep talk about being sober, and what that means in relation to addiction recovery. Ultimately, being sober is more than just not drinking – it’s about not drinking for long periods of time. If you’ve struggled with addiction, then quitting is hard not because something keeps you from putting down the glass or the needle, but because you constantly want to pick it up again. You need the strength to keep that hand down – and you do that not just through sheer will, but by giving the mind other things to focus on.

Sober living treatment is about putting you in an environment where you can find out just what those other things might be, without the temptation of addiction luring you back into a darker and much more painful and consequent path.

Sober Living in New York

Addiction is not something you beat overnight – it’s a chronic disease that creeps up on you again and again, and it’s on you to beat it back. Just how easy that might be depends entirely on how much you’re enjoying your sober life, and that depends on how much fun you can have without a drink.

It also depends on your ability to cope under pressure without drugs. Life is not all fun and sunshine, there are many times when you need to get into a stressful position and stay there. Surviving the ordeal without relapsing is one of the greatest challenges of addiction treatment – but thankfully, it does get easier the longer you stay sober. It helps to have friends and family around you who care and want to support you, but don’t forget that this is your journey – and you need your own personalized path out of that dark place, and back into a point in your life where you can feel happy and content with sobriety.

Learning how to have fun without drugs can take a little bit of getting used to, but it helps if you’re coming out of a place of treatment and recovery. Here are just a few ways to enjoy Sober living in New York.

Plenty to See

Well-known for being a top tourist location in the US, New York has quite a lot of sights and sounds – but if you’ve been there for long enough, you’ll know to avoid the obvious tourist traps. Some more remote locations to check out, though, include mesmerizing and beautifully haunting locations like the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital, or preserved locations of genuine New Yorker art like City Hall Station.   

A Lot to Taste

New York is a cultural melting pot, and no where does it show quite as much and quite as often as it does in the selection of restaurants and countless cuisines the Big Apple has to offer. You could go for something as classically New Yorker as hotdogs and pizza, to something more specific, like a good Pho in Little Saigon, or an amazing hearty Bigos from Little Poland.

It’s almost impossible to count exactly how many restaurants NYC has, but there’s no shortage of them, regardless of if you’re looking for a culinary adventure, or just some great comfort food. Sober living in New York is about enjoying life to fullest still and food is major part of that.

Countless Experiences

Life is about learning, and there’s a lot of learning to do in NYC. There are countless classes for you to attend, workshops to sign up for, and seminars to try out. Whether it’s something you’re truly passionate about, like your career or industry, or a sport you’re really into, or just something you’ve never tried before and want to get good at, then no worries, there’s always something going on in New York for you to check out.

It’s all about knowing where to look. There are lots of portals online for singing up for classes, and many of them give you a large overview of what you can try out that week. Eventbrite is a particularly common tool and platform, and it allows you to filter events based on whether they’re seminars, conferences, workshops, or something else entirely.

Another option is just to give Google a go. If there’s something you want to try out specifically – like oil painting – then just give it a search! CourseHorse, TakeLessons, and Yelp are great places to look, and the local news might even have something.

New York is a big place, and there’s more to do than check out classes, local art centers, or hit up food places. The key is to figure out what you’re into – and pursue it with fervor. Having all these experiences to encounter make it easy to for Sober Living in New York.