Sober Living – It Can Be Fun & Fulfilling

Sober Living | Transcend Recovery

One common misconception about sobriety is that it’s boring and lacks excitement. Sober living doesn’t have to be a white-knuckle, tense experience all year long. In fact, sober living is meant to be an experience that adds to your life, brings more life and light into it, and that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your life in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

The highs of substance use are not only temporary, they are dangerous. They keep you wanting more and more and yet you’re never truly satisfied. There is an emptiness to that kind of fun. In fact, you might even call it fake, because it’s short-lived and doesn’t fulfill you in a way that’s meaningful.

Those who are afraid of letting go of the “highs” that come with drinking and drug use may not yet know the gains that come with sobriety. Here are a few long-lasting benefits of healing from addiction and creating a sober life:

  • You have the presence of mind to enjoy life on a deeper level.
  • You have the capacity to truly connect with someone.
  • You have the ability to truly get to know yourself and others.
  • You can strengthen your ability to love yourself and others.
  • You have the mental space to think about your goals and what your future could look like (versus always chasing the next high).
  • You have the ability to appreciate and be grateful for life.

With sobriety, you can plan for your future, think about what you’d like to achieve, start a family, find stable housing, and more. Transcend Recovery Community understands that reaching these life goals can be hard. However, you are not alone in your journey. To assist you on your path of sobriety, Transcend offers mentoring for extended care, drug testing, and specialized sober companionship throughout the country. Transcend wants you to live your fullest life, and we understand that in order to do that, you must be sober.

But in addition to sobriety, you’ve got to know it’s possible to have fun. For that reason, while you’re living with us, we have fun too! Here are some of the ways we have fun:

  • two in-house experiential sessions (these might include acupuncture meditation, to mindfulness techniques, yoga, goal setting, book study)
  • each client is given a membership to an exclusive gym that offers a boxing program and a full range of workout options
  • every two months we have a family weekend that focuses on reestablishing healthy family relationships
  • regularly attend recovery related activities (and we provide transportation)
  • we have a loving community of people (staff and residents) who are supportive, warm, and kind.

If you think about what truly adds to the fulfillment and fun in your life, you might agree that it’s your relationships, community, the progression you are making in your own life, and the quality of your daily activities. Transcend understands that these are important for creating a life that is not only sober, but meaningful and fun.