Sober Living & Learning How to Create More YOU Time

Sober Living & Learning How to Create More YOU Time | Transcend Recovery Community

If you’ve heard of Mary Ellen Copeland’s WRAP plan, then you know how important it is to do one thing every day that keeps you well. And if you’ve never heard of the WRAP plan, then you might be aware of the Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) saying that you just need to keep yourself sober one day at a time. The AA saying is meant to remove the anxiety that might come with the thought that you need to quit drinking for the rest of your life. Instead, a newly recovering addict only needs to think about one day at a time.

In a sense, both AA and the WRAP plan are suggesting that each day is a critical step in your long-term journey of recovery. Therefore, doing one thing each day that supports your well being and sobriety can keep you sober long into the future.

Let’s take a closer look at the WRAP plan to see how it can help you create time for yourself each day:

WRAP is a recovery plan that you create on your own. In fact, research has shown that the best sober living plans are those that are self-created, or at least have a measure of one’s own input when creating treatment plans. WRAP is a means for feeling better when you’re not feeling well in your life. It invites accountability and improves the quality of your life.

There are six parts to WRAP with some pre-planning that helps you set up a system of support. WRAP refers to it as a Wellness Toolbox, which includes improving the areas of life that need improving so that you have all the support you need. For instance, having a Wellness Toolbox means contacting friends and others who will be supportive, participating in drug counseling, engaging in exercises that help you focus on the recovery plan, regularly using relaxation and stress reduction exercises, journaling, making sure to have fun and do creative and life affirming activities, exercising, dieting if needed, and getting a good night’s sleep. Having significant support has been proven to be necessary to create the best sober living program and prevent relapse.

You can see that the WRAP plan really invites you to think about what you need to do well in your recovery. Yet, more specifically, what is the one thing that you need to do each day to keep you running at 100%. Because it’s often the case that once you start running on 80% or 75% that the smallest things begin to get irritating. Those small details that normally you could easily look past start to trigger you. And triggers, when there are enough of them, just might lead to cravings. And if those cravings are strong enough, you just might find yourself relapsing.

Keeping yourself running at 100% is the goal. And for many people, to do that requires doing one thing each day that is nourishing or nurturing. That might mean taking a bath, going for a walk, talking to a good friend, or taking a nap. Whatever it is, make sure you create that YOU time to sustain momentum in your recovery and give strength to your sobriety.


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