The Razor’s Edge: Don’t Run Away, Run for Recovery Instead

The Razor's Edge: Don't Run Away, Run for Recovery Instead | Transcend Recovery Community

It’s easy to run away from a problem. It’s the effortless choice. It’s less complicated to stay numb to the problems we face. Besides, no one likes pain. It feels safer to stay comfortable.

Although it is disguised with discomfort and suffering, pain bears many blessings. When unwrapped, when finally faced, pain can lead to victory, to achievement, and to healing. It can lead to feeling like you are the hero or heroine of your life. Although you might want to run away, although you might want to look the other way, pain is a blessing in disguise.

But  you’ll have to cross the razor’s edge first. When you’re faced with the great challenge of living sober after years of addiction, when you’re faced with the tremendous climb of acquiring sober help after years of drinking and drug use, you might feel the sharp edges of pain. Yet, if you’re willing, for the sake of sober living, for the power of sobriety, peel each layer of pain back and see what’s underneath. You might find a core energy that lies within, a sort of nucleus holding an entire cluster of painful emotions, memories, thoughts, and images together. That energetic center is where one can find the gift within the suffering.

The razor’s edge is the great challenge you face when attempting to reach a higher state of consciousness. It is the tremendous obstacle to overcome before breaking through to long-term sober living. It’s difficult, but not impossible. In fact, this sort of breakthrough is a part of your heroic destiny.

Reaching your potential is always possible. Achieving sober living is right within your grasp. So if you find yourself running away from your addictions, problems, and destructive patterns, you should know that walking the razor’s edge isn’t as dangerous as it seems; it’s teeth are not as sharp as they appear. When you turn towards those problems, they will become less frightening and lose their power over you.

And when you finally make the scary but fulfilling decision to walk the razor’s edge and to face those problems head on, come run or walk a 6k race among other heroes and heroines just like you. Instead of running away from your addiction, run for recovery instead.

In fact, many communities around the nation are celebrating the heroic efforts of those with addictions, those who decided to get the help they need despite any feelings of shame. And it’s not just a celebration; it’s a movement to honor the heroes and heroines of addiction. Given the remarkable mountain that those with addictions must climb and the daunting task of breaking free of their past, they are indeed heroes and heroines! Communities are celebrating by coming together to raise money through a 6K walk or run.

For example, the run in New York City takes place in Riverside Park on August 16, 2014. The New York event not only intends to bring the community together to break the social stigma of mental illness and addiction but also to raise funds for Xcel University. Xcel University advocates for mental health awareness and making quality mental health services to everyone. They are a voice for those in recovery, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and to participate in their recovery with commitment and conviction. If you want to support the movement and lend a hand to those struggling with addiction, run in the race! You can find information about New York’s race HERE.  Help yourself and others become heroes and heroines too!

Heroes in Recovery 6K in New York, NY
Riverside Park – 103 Street Promenade
August 16, 2014
Race begins at 8:30 AM!

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