A New Way to Look at Recovery

A New Way to Look at Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

If your recovery is beginning to feel like it’s lost its momentum, it’s important to give it a boost once in awhile. One way to do that is to recall why you’re in recovery in the first place. Besides, someone doesn’t recover from addiction because they have stopped using. They recover from addiction by creating a new life for themselves.

So if your recovery has lost its spark and you’re beginning to fall into cravings and old triggers, then perhaps it’s time to ask yourself – what in your life can change? If you can’t answer this question right away, then return to the reason why you got sober. Some of the more common reasons men and women get sober include:

  • For their children
  • To keep a marriage together
  • To continue building a career
  • To heal family relationships
  • To find self-confidence
  • For health reasons
  • To repair your financial life
  • To avoid going to jail

These might be the reasons that got you sober. Perhaps returning to this initial source of motivation can give your recovery a boost again. At the same time, it’s also necessary – does a part of your life need changing? There are many areas of life that might have stayed the same. Although you’ve managed to get sober, perhaps you’re interacting with the same people and find yourself in the same codependent relationships. Perhaps you’re in a similar work environment that is stressful, leading to cravings and desires to escape through drugs and alcohol. Perhaps you’re in another challenging relationship, which might also be triggering cravings to use. A close examination of your life might be necessary in order to create a new lifestyle.

As you may already know, recovery is an ongoing process. It’s not just a matter of getting sober and then getting adjusted to a life without alcohol or drugs. Recovery is a change in who you are. It’s a change in your thoughts, actions, choices, and beliefs. Because of this, your process of recovery might have started out with the absence of drugs or alcohol. However, in time, you’re going to have to make other changes too. Perhaps you need to look at an entirely different career.

For instance, there was one gentleman who was addicted to cocaine. He was in upper management in the automotive retail industry for over 20 years. However, the industry was incredibly hard on their employees. He was often ridiculed by his boss and he often did the same to his employees. Essentially, there was an environment of abuse in the workplace. Eventually, he became so depressed that he ended up homeless and without money. He was forced to end his addiction because he no longer had the funds to support his habit. After two years of rehabilitation and finding himself again, he now works in the social service field working for an organization that tends to the needs of the homeless.

If your recovery needs a boost, then likely there’s something in your life that needs a boost. If you’re beginning to have cravings, you might simply be looking in the wrong direction. To find a new way of looking at your recovery, you might try:

  • Volunteering
  • Getting a new job
  • Joining a new community of people and perhaps making new friends
  • Dating someone, if you’re not already
  • Traveling
  • Beginning a hobby you’ve always wanted to do
  • Learning how to play a musical instrument
  • Joining a gym and exercising regularly
  • Working on a creative project
  • Joining a community club that practices what you’re interested in – swimming, canoeing, etc.

Although the above suggestions might sound like big changes, sometimes giving a boost to your life doesn’t have to require a big change. It might simply be choosing to think differently about your circumstances. For instance, finding things in your life to be grateful for each day can help you regularly shift your thoughts and mood.

To find a new way to look at your recovery, find a way to boost your life.


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