New Smartphone-Based Sober Help App

New Smartphone-Based Sober Help App |

Last month, JAMA Psychiatry released the findings of a study on a smartphone-based sober help app for recovering alcoholics. The app includes a panic button and sounds an alert when the user gets too close to taverns — functions that researchers found, in some cases, to be helpful in keeping some people on the straight and narrow. NBC News reported that: “The sober app study joined a host of others that serve as electronic shoulder angels, featuring a variety of options for trying to prevent alcoholics from relapsing.”

Individuals released from in-patient treatment centers who had been given the free smartphone-based sober help application were reported to have fewer drinking days, and more overall abstinence, than those who did not. Medical and addiction experts say the immediacy of smartphone-based sober help could serve as a useful tool in fighting relapse.

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