National Geographic’s 10 Tips for Recovery

National Geographic's 10 Tips for Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

There are some resources that are worth paying attention to no matter the topic being discussed. National Geographic is a publication created by the National Geographic Society, which was founded in 1888. Their magazine has been printed monthly since the day the society was founded. National Geographic is known for its articles about geography, history, and culture as well as its spectacular photographs. However, from time to time the magazine publishes articles on other topics, such as addiction, which are just as worth reading.

In October 2012, National Geographic printed an article on recovery from addiction. The article includes 10 tips for a recovery addict to consider in their quest to stay sober. These 10 tips are:

  1. Make sobriety a priority. Without making recovery front and center in your life, it’s easy to slip and make choices that don’t support sobriety. It’s easy to fall into old patterns. By focusing on sobriety and by making it a priority, someone in recovery is more likely to stay sober.
  2. Take it one day at a time. Recovery is a slow process that requires just one day of no drinking or using drugs. Then, when that day is over, focus on another day of staying sober. And then another day of sobriety, and so on. Taking on the idea that you’re going to stay sober your whole life can feel too overwhelming. Take it just one day at a time.
  3. Stay connected to friends and family and communicate. Addiction can be an isolating experience. When you connect with those you love, you feel supported, especially during those times when you need assistance.
  4. Change your environment. If you want to stay sober, you’ll have to change your old habits, and this usually requires changing your environment and the people you spend time with.
  5. Change your friends. If you used to use drugs or drink with your friends, they may not be helpful to have around when you’re trying to get sober. In recovery, it’s best to spend time with those who are sober and those who are strong in their own recovery.
  6. Get out and exercise. Exercise is essential for emotional, psychological, and physical health. It can support the many good choices you’re working on in recovery.
  7. Improve your diet. Healthy eating can facilitate clarity of mind which will also help with making healthy choices and building a new healthy lifestyle.
  8. Join a support group. Support groups usually include having insightful and meaningful experiences about addiction and healing from addiction. It can be a powerful way to keep your recovery strong.
  9. Work or volunteer your time. When you are productive and when you feel you are contributing to society can bring feelings of meaning and purpose to one’s life.
  10. Never give up. Recovery is not an easy process. Your commitment, determination, and perseverance will all contribute to your success at staying sober.

As of this year, National Geographic has a circulation of 6.8 million per month around the world. It is published in 40 different languages with extensive global readership. Perhaps this article on recovery from addiction has helped changed the lives of men and women struggling with this illness.


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