Luxury Sober Living Makes Recovery More Comfortable

Luxury Sober Living Experience

When choosing a place to get well and stay sober, luxury sober living is not necessarily the first thing that springs to mind. You could be thrown into a beautiful beach resort on day one, but it would not make the first few hours – especially withdrawal – any easier.

But a healthy, positive environment can do wonders for your recovery and mental health in the mid- and long-term, even if the early days are not the greatest. A luxury sober living community with all the comforts of home and every amenity you could need can make a real difference in the recovery process – especially if you take full advantage of your surroundings while undergoing recovery.


Early Recovery is Not Pleasant

Not much can be said about it – early recovery just is not pleasant. Recovery starts with getting sober, and that starts with your body going through the process of eliminating whatever is left of the drug. The withdrawal process, as your body craves what you have been using so far, can range from very unpleasant to excruciating.

Then, when withdrawal is over, it is time to go about adjusting to a completely new kind of living, in a foreign environment, while staying sober at a time when your cravings are more powerful than ever.

Top-of-the-line cuisine, expert trainers and instructors, and holistic programs can make the process a lot smoother, however. A luxury sober living community can take your mind off your cravings by providing you with a fully-fledged recovery program, filled with physical therapy to build yourself up, art therapy of your choice to engage your mind and creativity, and highly nutritious food to help your body heal rapidly.

Good eating, frequent movement and trained staff that genuinely cares for your mental health can improve the rate at which your body and mind recover. Diet and exercise in particular gives you a regular boost in endorphins coupled with the nutrition your body craves after weeks and months spent possibly malnourished while addicted.


Benefits of Luxury Sober Living

It is not just the quality of the care and the healthfulness of the diet. A good location – like a beach, a nice neighborhood, or the great outdoors – can spell wonders for the mind. Amenities that suit your passions, from music to art to sports, can help you further your sobriety by taking your mind off the cravings and helping you release stress and energy towards the things you are most passionate about.

Finally, delicious food means healthy eating does not become yet another chore, and some luxury sober living homes even help teach you to cook your own food, and encourage you to engage in other learning experiences, workshops and more outside the community once you reach a certain level of preparedness.

Of course, there is a fine line between offering a world-class luxury experience, and completely coddling a tenant. Sober living homes are still supposed to promote a way of life that helps maintain sobriety and abstinence – luxury sober living can help, but so long as it does not detract from the core of the program.


Still Sober Living at Heart

Sober living is built on the idea that coming back from addiction means relearning what it means to be sober. For many, that transition is not straightforward or simple. For some, who stepped into addiction early in their lives and always struggled to find a way out, the way “back” into sobriety in adulthood might be a completely new experience, the kind that makes demands they never expected.

Sober living provides a healthy drug-free environment for people who need time to stay away from drugs, and cope with being clean in other, healthier ways. It also provides them with a framework to focus on building the skills and the mindset necessary to maintain sobriety even in times of stress – and as we know, life is often stressful.

To many, sober living follows a handful of tenets, such as:

  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Compassion
  • Sociability
  • Fun

Sober living communities utilize a system of chores and schedules to reinforce responsibility, both the individual kind, and the fact that they must play a role as part of a community to keep it clean and keep everyone happy. Discipline is instilled through a consistent schedule that helps new tenants create a reliable inner clock, to wake up, get ready, and start the day at the same time, every time.

Compassion is important, not just for others but for yourself as well. Group therapy and living in close quarters means coming to terms with others who have gone through similar but very different experiences. This means seeing your own addiction through a completely different lens, while learning how others coped with problems, or failed to cope.

This also helps people relearn sociability and trust, two important parts of reintegrating into sober life. It’s difficult to trust others when you struggle to trust yourself due to past experiences, but a sober living home can change that over time.

Fun, as cliché as it might sound, is very important. Because if you can’t have fun while sober, then there is no hope for recovery. It’s vital to know how to have fun, enjoy yourself and let loose while being drug-free. That lets you manage your stress in a sober lifestyle, so you do not have to rely on drugs to cope ever again.


Luxury Does Not Mean Easy  

Luxury sober living homes can provide you with pristine locations, comfort through quality amenities, a diet and exercise program catered to your needs, and staff trained to help you feel comfortable while furthering your progress in recovery. It can make life a lot easier starting out on a journey to long-term sobriety in a luxurious treatment center. But that does not make recovery easy.

The key lessons learnt are outlined above, and they are important for staying clean in the long-term. Helping others, accepting the help of others, staying consistent in your recovery, and finding ways to have fun while sober are but a few lessons you’ll learn while in your luxury sober living community, and it’s important to bring them all with you into the rest of the world when you’re ready.