What Makes Los Angeles The Place To Be For Recovery

What Makes Los Angeles The Place To Be For Recovery

Our external environment can have a major impact on our resolve to stay sober. Sights, sounds, and smells can be triggers for our bad feelings. Changes in temperature can negatively affect our mood, with some people even experiencing a drastic shift with each change of season. Staying in the environment where we engaged in our addictive behaviors is rarely the best option for successful recovery.

Our socialization and activity options can also become a problem during recovery. Not having like-minded friends who support our perspectives on the world can result in a feeling of isolation, which can drive us back into our addiction. Not having enough opportunity for engaging in activity can lead to frustration and boredom, and can result in deciding to use a substance for escape.

Los Angeles provides an opportunity to address – and eliminate – each of these concerns. A stay in this diverse and bountiful region can help you to extinguish your environmental triggers, form new social connections, and develop a lifestyle of healthy recreation. When it comes to best areas for a sober living facility to operate, Los Angeles is prime location.


The Natural Environment Is Serene

The close proximity of Los Angeles to the coast means that the weather is always amazing. Surveys have even listed the area as having the best overall weather in the United States. The moderate climate means that your mood won’t be fluctuating with the temperature, leaving you free to focus on finding your zen.

In addition to the great weather, Los Angeles includes multiple landmark features. It is home to beaches, mountains, and forests, meaning that you will not ever be far from your favorite, peaceful, spot.  Whether you prefer the sound of crashing waves or of pine needles crunching underfoot, you will find it nearby. There are even opportunities to spend some contemplative nights while out in nature, with campsites located on both the sand, and under the trees.


Culture Abounds

A major part of successful recovery involves reprogramming the brain to desire activities other than the drug or alcohol use. The formation of new habits is made much easier in a place where there are a lot of options to choose from. The Los Angeles area is known for its access to cultural fare.

Los Angeles is home to various pro sports teams, making attendance at home games a favorite pastime. It is also home to several museums, ranging in focus from art, history, and science. For some childlike recreation, there are multiple theme parks within a short distance from the epicenter. When you are hungry from taking in all of the sights, you will find it easy to indulge in delicious foods from all over the world.

While it may not always be easy to participate in cultural events while remaining faithful to your goal of sobriety, there are opportunities to bolster your resolve through the encouragement of like-minded individuals. Groups such as Soberchella exist as evidence of the commitment of the people in Los Angeles to experiencing the culture while staying sober, and no-alcohol bars are becoming the trend.


Socialization Opportunities Are Everywhere

Social isolation is both a factor in sustained addiction, and in relapse. With a population of over four million people, it isn’t hard to find others to socialize with in Los Angeles. While you may want to spend some of your recovery time in a pocket of introspective solitude, you won’t have to go far when wanting to switch into social mode.

In Los Angeles, you have the opportunity to meet some of the most diverse and interesting people in the world. In addition to a chance encounter with a celebrity, there are hundreds of support groups and sober mentoring opportunities. You will have plenty of opportunity to shop around to find a group which suits your individual personality.

When desiring to socialize in matters outside of the topic of sobriety, there are also get-togethers for exploring any range of interests. There are groups for animal lovers, gamers, cosplayers, theme park enthusiasts, and travel buffs. If socializing with a certain sex, race, age, or religion is what you need, you will be able to find specialty groups in those types of categories, as well.


Physical Fitness is Always in Vogue

Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks havoc on a body, and we aren’t typically very concerned with our physical health while we are engaging in addiction. Once the addiction pattern has been broken, we can begin to turn our focus toward getting – and staying – physically healthy. There is no better location than Los Angeles for inspiring a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Hiking, playing sports, surfing, yoga classes, biking, and working out at the gym are only a handful of the exercise options that you will find in L.A. The area has played host to several celebrity fitness gurus over the years, and finding your perfect exercise hangout spot is easy. For those who want to try out an exercise activity before committing to it, there are several equipment rental shops available, as well.

When it comes to fueling your body with energy for the exercise, specialty restaurants and grocery stores will provide you with direction toward nutritious eating. Los Angeles is always forefront in the latest trends for health-consciousness, including support for the popular vegan, paleo, and ketogenic diets.


Finding a Place to Volunteer Is Easy

The initial period of recovery isn’t usually the best time to find a new job. You will need time for your body, mind, and emotions to adjust to your new life of sobriety. For some, not having a job to go to can be a source of stress. This is where volunteering comes in handy.  Los Angeles is a mecca for non-profit organizations, and the high population means that there is never a lack of people in need. You can experience the responsibility and self-esteem associated with contributing to society, while still allowing yourself the freedom to focus on recovery.