What Sets Los Angeles Apart as a Recovery Community?

What Sets LA Apart For Sober Living

The City of Angels, home to millions, is also home to countless recovering addicts. Like any large city, it has its fair share of problems – and for recovering addicts, its fair share of temptations. But it’s not alone. Other metropolis around the US share some of the same qualities: the quality of being a melting pot, having a unique culture, a long and complex history, and a series of pros and cons.

So, what makes LA so unique for recovering addicts, and why is Los Angeles’ recovery community one-of-a-kind? Part of it has to do with its unique history in addiction treatment, recovery, and sober living. It was in LA that sober living was first developed as way for recovering addicts to continue living in a controlled, drug-free environment designed to help them transition into real living after a rehab program.

While residential treatment grew in popularity, there also came a need for a different type of treatment program that allowed more flexibility, and would be specifically designed to allow residents to put a greater focus on more applicable experience, by building an environment conducive to self-discipline, pushing residents to seek out and hold down jobs or school responsibilities, and giving them access to a wide range of amenities while encouraging third-party treatment through one-on-one therapy, 12-step programs, and group therapy.

But there’s more to LA than sober living. While LA still has most of the sober living facilities in the country, the movement has grown throughout the US. Today, LA is one of the best places to get sober in for a variety of reasons.


Always Something to Do

Every city is the city that never sleeps – but LA is more than just another metropolis. As part of its large art culture and focus on providing a city-wide scene specifically for the creatively-oriented, offering classes, courses, and experiences unlike any other place in the US save for Broadway. If you’re looking to start a career specifically oriented in the arts – or just want to get involved in filmmaking and animation – then Los Angeles is still a good place to start.

More than that, Los Angeles is also an amazing place for underground art. With some of the most unique and tucked-away installations in the country, there’s more than enough for any art lover to explore.

The “doing” part extends past the art scene, onto the plate, the mats, and the gym. With a large local sports scene, world-class cooking schools and much more, there’s always something new to learn and a different place to check out on the quest for more things to do and discover.


More to Discover

Regardless of whether you’re a tourist or a long-time resident, LA is constantly growing while maintaining a beautiful selection of natural wonders and locations. Hiking trails, waterfalls, rock climbing sites and national parks are scattered throughout the greater Los Angeles area, giving you a consistent blend between natural Californian landscapes and the ever-growing ambition of LA’s citizenry.

If it’s food you’re looking for, LA’s culinary scene is among some of the best in the country. There’s a chef and world-class restaurant for almost every cuisine, from Mexican to Japanese.

If nature isn’t your thing, don’t underestimate LA’s sober nightlife, with several regular sober meetups throughout the area, as well as several nighttime hobbies to keep you out of the bar and stimulated in ways no drink could ever do.


Countless Places of Quiet

Part of addiction recovery is built around giving you things to do, filling up your time, and helping you discover activities and hobbies that you might never have considered if not for your commitment to sobriety. But constantly being on the lookout for something new is also exhausting, and depleting.

We need time away from the new and the stimulating, time to recharge. Many cities simply offer you no such time, because the stress of living in the hubbub of a metropolis gives no pause. But LA is surrounded by places of quiet, little nooks you can call your own where you can find the time and space to get away from everything and enjoy being alone.

Early on in recovery, you might not want to be alone with your thoughts. But as time passes and you continue to grow into your sobriety, you’ll find that you need time to reflect on how life has changed, and how you’re going to be moving forward. Time to be alone in your own head, looking back on how things have changed for you, and what you feel about it.


World-Class Addiction Treatment

LA has one of the largest sober communities in the country, alongside a wide variety of world-class addiction treatment facilities, including rehab facilities, outpatient treatment facilities, sober living homes, and several experts and specialists on addiction medicine.

Simply put, LA is one of the best places to be in if you’re looking for help with an addiction. There are local communities for substance abuse as well as “behavioral addictions”, or use disorders, such as teens and adults struggling with gaming addiction, sex addicts, internet addiction, and more.

But at the heart of it all is the spirit of sobriety living within a city so well known for glitz, glamour, and the sins and vices that accompany both. A common misconception among many is that sobriety is the death of fun – so why does it flourish in LA? Because the opposite is true. Sobriety works best when you’re so passionate abut what you do and the community you’re a part of, that you don’t need drugs. Sobriety works best when you’re so deeply steeped in positivity and support that you can forego the need to rely on drugs as way to drown your sorrows. Sobriety works best when you can find all the help you need to stay sober, at any given moment, anywhere in the city.

Sobriety works best in a city that not only faces its fair share of drug problems, but also has the color and vibrancy that reflects how diverse and varied life can be. If you’re looking for sobriety, LA is perfect.