Laughter Is an Essential Part of Recovery

Laughter Is Essential Part of Recovery | Transcend Recovery Community

Sometimes, the whole recovery thing gets too serious! There’s all this self-analysis and wondering about what went wrong and when. And that’s essential! There’s no question that reflection and repairing what needs to be repaired is a key part to sober living.

However, there are moments on the road to recovery that demand a good laugh. This is especially true because the alternative is often beating ourselves up! When looking back at some of the choices we made or the reactions we had or the words we said, sometimes, we need to laugh. There’s no question that sober living requires self-exploration and a seriousness that facilitates healing, but sometimes a good laugh can up us accept ourselves for who we are – the faults and flaws that each of us possess.

For instance, a recent story published in the Montana Standard describes a burglar who was caught in the act of stealing and offered the homeowner heroin! Can you imagine the ridiculousness of this?  Isn’t this a story that makes you laugh at the absurdity of addiction?

Apparently, while the man was leaving the house, he was caught. The homeowner and his 7-year old son came home and found Christopher Dayell Bittner stealing their possessions. Bittner apologized and offered them heroin. When authorities arrived, they searched Bittner’s backpack and found 31.5 grams of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and items that belonged to the house.

It’s a story that might make you laugh. And perhaps it helps us see the silly things that we did in order to survive, feed our addiction, and/or keep it all together. Recovery needs a good laugh from time to time. Sober living is a slow process of accepting who we are in the fullest, instead of pushing any part of ourselves away through drugs and alcohol.

In order to support some more laughing, here are a few sober living related jokes:

Q: Why did the accountant do so well in Alcoholics Anonymous?
A: He was already a friend of bills.

Q: Why aren’t people in recovery good dancers?
A: They lose interest after twelve steps.

An old ex-druggie is visiting his doctor. After a life of drinking and drugging, it’s taken a toll on his health.
“Well, Mr. Barton, you made it to 85, but I’m afraid I have bad news.”
“Tell it to me straight doc. I survived the booze and the cocaine, I can take it.”
“Your pancreas and kidneys are shot. Worse, you’ve got liver cancer. And the tests show early onset Alzheimer’s.”
“Geez, doc… Alzheimer’s — that’s the one that affects your memory, right?”
“I’m afraid so.”
“Well, at least I don’t have cancer.”


Instead of crying about our past, let’s find moments to laugh ourselves. It can make the road to recovery a lighter one.



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