Lady Gaga May Not Break Free from Her Marijuana Addiction

Lady Gaga May Not Break Free from Her Marijuana Addiction | Transcend Recovery Community

Lady Gaga is a young American singer and songwriter born and raised in New York City. She was in theatre most of her life, and acquired national attention with her 2008 debut of the album The Fame. She is known for being flamboyant, controversial, and theatrical. She has sold over 27 million albums and 125 million singles worldwide and she has become one of the best selling musical artists.

Yet, despite her fame and her achievements, she has suffered from addiction in various forms. During an interview with Maria Shriver, she admitted to her struggle with Bulimia saying, “I used to throw up all the time in high school.” During her 2012 European tour, Lady Gaga started a website and forum called Body Revolution in order to help herself and others overcome their insecurities and the resulting struggles.

Having an eating disorder is a form of addiction similar to compulsively needing to drink or use drugs. In the fall of 2013, Lady Gaga admitted to People Magazine“I’ve been addicted to various things since I was young. Mostly heavily over the past seven years. A friend gave me this term,” she continues, “I lily pad from substance to substance, because I get to a point where I can’t go any further with one substance so I move to another.”

What’s interesting is that the article doesn’t talk about whether Lady Gaga is taking any steps to acquire sober living. There was no mention of whether she’s admitting herself to a halfway house or in some way obtaining sober help. Instead, the article provides details on the extent of her addiction: she admitted that at one point she was smoking 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes per day.

She also explained that she had hip surgery recently and that part of the marijuana addiction had to do with managing her hip pain. “I didn’t know where the pain was coming from,” she said, “I was just in a lot of pain and very depressed all the time and not really sure why.”

Regardless of what led to using and developing an addiction of marijuana or other drugs, making the decision to find sober living is necessary in order to see life clearly, which is true for anyone, no matter who you are. Since the singer lives in New York, perhaps finding a NY sober living facility might support her not only with getting sober but also with maintaining her career. Although marijuana might appear to be a harmless drug, Lady Gaga admitted in her interview, “The truth is that I can break, and I did…I did a lot of drugs and took a lot of pills…I have to be high to be creative…Can I be brilliant without it?”

Her question is one that many well-known writers and artists have asked themselves. And, sadly, many of them continued to use and ended up in hospitals or dead.  Lady Gaga is still young. If she hasn’t already, now would be the time to acquire sober help.

“I want to live,” she said, “and I want my fans to want to live.” Just like becoming a model for young women suffering from eating disorders, Lady Gaga could be a model for sober living if she can find the strength to quit using marijuana and other drugs.



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