I’m Sober Not Boring


Some men and women new to recovery from addiction believe their life loses excitement the moment they begin their journey of recovery. No booze, no fun, they might think to themselves. But the truth is that there are all sorts of exciting moments in sobriety. It’s just not the kind of excitement that rides the edge of danger. It’s no longer the kind of excitement that is one step behind getting arrested or getting a DUI. Instead, the thrill of life in recovery comes from the little things in life. The exhilaration of sobriety comes from being who are, being healthy and happy, and finally feeling good about life.

For instance, here are some of the delightful moments you might not have experienced while using drugs or drinking:

  • the joy of hearing your nieces and nephews call out your name
  • the pleasure of connecting more deeply with family and friends
  • the power of actually feeling your feelings
  • the satisfaction of finally not having to hide who you are
  • the delight in having the opportunity to start over
  • the satisfaction of enjoying your work
  • the bliss of discovering new talents and abilities you didn’t know you had
  • the gratification of living in integrity
  • the enjoyment of being proud of who you are
  • the exhilaration of being physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy
  • the pleasure of having fun without fearing legal or social consequences
  • the happiness of having a life that is full of joyful and pleasurable moments
  • the joy of uncovering your unique contribution to the world
  • the pleasure of having meaningful and healthy relationships
  • the thrill of liking yourself

Interestingly, at Transcend Recovery Community, the average age of our residents is around 24. Many of them fall between 18 and 35 years of age. Typically, early to mid adulthood is a time of life when a person is given many opportunities to use drugs and drink. Yet, while in recovery at Transcend, our residents learn how to have fun and enjoy life without the need to turn to substances. They discover that life is fulfilling, satisfying, and enjoyable without the use of substances.

Also, Transcend encourages residents to have social interactions that are meaningful, safe, and satisfying.  We do that by providing many opportunities to have fun, such as day-long outings, longer trips, and family weekends. And for those who find fun in physical activity, we provide a gym membership to a luxury boutique gym that gives our residents access to a full boxing academy, yoga, circuit training, and traditional gym equipment. Do you want to surf? We’ve got that too. Transcend also works with certified surf instructors who provide surf lessons weekly, surfboards, and wetsuits – at no cost.

We believe strongly that having fun is an essential part of recovery and that having fun without the dangers of drinking and drug use is the only true way to enjoy life to the fullest. Sobriety doesn’t equal boredom. Just the opposite – sobriety equals excitement and the joy of finally being alive.

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