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If you have nothing to get sober for then do it for your community. Although it’s common for people to get sober for their children, their marriage, career, or to heal from the past, there are some people who may need a reason to get sober. In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), they encourage those who don’t have a reason for recovery to do it for the group, to get sober for their community.

Think about all the people who have gotten sober in the past, many of them were able to do so because of their community. They probably attended 12-step meetings and support groups, where they met supportive people who were also trying to stay sober. They likely gained a great deal from new friends, sponsors, and professionals in their sober community.  A community of those who are after the same life goal can be an incredible force in a person’s life.

And you can add to that force by making your sober community your reason for staying alive, changing your life, and making new choices.

In fact, Transcend Recovery Community recognizes just how important community is that we’ve included it in our name. Community is one part of a three pronged approach to help our clients create a new and healthy lifestyle. The other two key approaches to assisting our clients include accountability and clinical collaboration. However, in many cases, it is community that makes the difference. A person can be held accountable but if they don’t feel accepted, embraced, and acknowledged for where they’re at in life, then they may not feel compelled enough to stay sober.

Transcend was founded upon the belief that a combination of accountability and a loving community will provide a person suffering from drug addiction the very best recovery experience. For this reason, we nurture our community and value it highly. Transcend’s immediate community is comprised of house members, alumni, and staff who welcome new clients to our homes. This helps residents feel accepted and safe right from the beginning. Our community extends to leading physicians, clinical resources, and alumni, all of whom are a part of a collaborative community helping our clients build new lives. And our community doesn’t end there. We also help our residents get acquainted with the abundant 12 step community in our local neighborhoods.

Community is incredibly important at Transcend because we know just how powerful it is to feel welcome and a part of a group. You might have felt alone in your problems prior to arriving at Transcend, but once you arrive here, you’ll have an engaging, nurturing, and fun experience because of the abundant and supportive community you’ll find here. And it is in the spirit of a recovery community that many recovering addicts have found their voice, a new life, and the power to change themselves.

If you need a reason to stay sober, do it for your community. Community has the power to influence others in incredible ways. In fact, by making community your raison d’etre, you make the community stronger. And, in turn, you help others stay sober because of the way community positively influenced their recovery.

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