Interesting Facts About the Brentwood Sober Living Environment

Interesting Facts About the Brentwood Sober Living Environment | Transcend Recovery Community

If you’re walking the sidewalks of Brentwood, the Westside city of Los Angeles, you might be able to point out the homes of celebrities and movie stars. It’s an affluent neighborhood that many describe as one of the safest areas of LA. Women living alone in this part of the city frequently feel at ease and happy with taking long strolls in the neighborhood. The streets are flat and wide making walks relaxing and not strenuous. It’s proximity to downtown, beautiful homes, and safety make it an attractive place to live for men, women, and their families.

Brentwood is a community of about 33,312 people, according to the L.A.’s Department of City Planning in 2008. Although the city of Los Angeles has been around for much longer, Brentwood was annexed by the city in 1916.

Those living in other parts of the United States may not be familiar with the fact that this part of LA is home to many stars and celebrities. And interestingly, it is the site of the 1994 notorious O.J. case. After the long police chase in his white Bronco, Simpson finally pulled into his Brentwood mansion.

The County of Los Angeles’ Public Health Division shows that drinking and drug use facts for men and women who live in Los Angeles County. For women, broken down by ethnicity, their 2010 statistics show that 6.5% of Asian women binge drink, meaning they have had four or more drinks on at least one occasion within the past 30 days. And the same is true for 8.6% of black women, 9.2% of Latina women, and 11.3% of white women. The percentage for all groups of Los Angeles county women who binge drink is 9.4.

Although these are relatively low numbers, anyone looking for a Brentwood sober living program, might find that it is the best location to find sobriety. For men and women alike, it is safe and in many ways private. Brentwood has approximately only 2,059 people per square mile, making it among the lowest density for the city of Los Angeles and among the lowest density for the county.

Sober living homes, located in Brentwood or not, are typically a little different than a drug treatment center. Rehabilitative services can also include sober living homes, sometimes referred to as halfway houses. These are an extension of care for those recovering from addiction and who have already participated in and lived at a treatment rehab center. At a Brentwood sober living home, for example, men and women live there, as they would in a traditional rehab center, they have significantly more freedom to be able to attend work, school, or family events.

If you choose to get sober at a treatment center and then later extend your support at a sober living home, you might decide to take a walk and notice the homes of stars, celebrities and politicians.


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